Telluride Medical Center: Course for Nurses

Telluride Medical Center: Course for Nurses

Earlier this month the Telluride Medical Center (TMC) brought a two-day Certified Emergency Nursing (CEN) Review Course to the region to enhance and reinforce the knowledge base of those who provide emergency nursing care.


The Emergency Nursing Review Course was made possible by a grant from the Western Regional EMS Council and was held at the Montrose Memorial Hospital. Forty-six nursing professionals attended, some from as far away as Oklahoma.

TMC’s ED Nurse Manager, Melissa Tuohy, wrote the grant that made the course possible. She expects that all attending nurses from TMC will take the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing exam within the next three months.

The Certified Emergency Nursing Review Course is specific to emergency nursing and measures the attainment of a defined body of knowledge pertinent to that specialty. While the course is designed to assist the participant to be successful in obtaining CEN certification (you must pass an exam), the course content is extremely beneficial and relevant to all providers who care for patients in emergency situations regardless of whether they end up sitting for the exam.

Nursing staff from all facilities in the area as well as flight services and critical care transport agencies were invited to attend the course.

While TMC received the grant to make the course possible, Tuohy thought it essential to offer the CEN Review Course at the Montrose Hospital, so as to best accommodate the highest number of nurses.

 “We wanted to be sure that we could accommodate staff from other smaller clinics in the region since most do not have the financial resources to provide a CEN Review Course,” said Tuohy. “This project is exactly what grants are created to support. The two-day course provided a thorough training and review on emergent medical and trauma conditions in a way that easily enables participants to incorporate what they learn into their own practice.”

At TMC, and at other small facilities with low staffing ratios, having Certified Emergency Nursing Reviews helps ensure that everyone on staff is proficient and able to offer the best care.

 “The course bolsters confidence, as well as help with retention, as it allows nurses to become more comfortable in highly stressful situations,” said Tuohy.

The Telluride Medical Center is a Level V designated community clinic and emergency center with a five bed Trauma and Emergency Service Department (ED) and attached Primary Care.

The Emergency Department sees approximately 3,500 patients per year and provides 24 hours per day, 365 days a year of emergency medical care and are staffed by four full time Board certified emergency medicine physicians. It’s likely that thanks to the review course every nurse on staff with soon pass their Certification for Emergency Nursing exam.

“This will be a tremendous achievement for our facility,” said TMC Executive Director, Gordon Reichard.

 “The nearest hospital is Montrose Memorial Hospital which is 66 miles away, and some of the time, the road to get there is impassable. Weather conditions at high altitudes make it difficult at times to get air transport as well,” continued Tuohy. “The opportunity to have the entire nursing staff certified in Emergency Nursing is truly invaluable.”


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