Telluride Arts: “Anthropomorphism,” Katy Parnello, 8/1/2014

Telluride Arts: “Anthropomorphism,” Katy Parnello, 8/1/2014

Telluride Arts’ Gallery 81435 features artist/choreographer Katy Parnello in “Anthropomorphism,” an exhibit and live performance

Join Telluride Arts for a closing party and live performance as part of Katy Parnello’s exhibit, Anthropomorphism. The event takes place at Gallery 81435 (across the street from the Stronghouse Studios), Friday, August 1, 2014 at 8:30 and 9:30 p.m.

katy parnello

What do we do when we’re alone? “Anthropomorphism” touches on the lives of ten individuals as they might exist in their private space. Ten vignettes, performed in a fish-bowl like atmosphere, are each set to music and depict the personal actions of each character. The audience, who will sit outside the gallery, will take on a voyeuristic role as they watch the solo performers in their unique environments.

The show lasts 30-minutes and will be performed twice.

Anthropomorphism: n. attribution of human form or other characteristics to anything other than a human being.

Designer Katy Parnello is a self-taught woodworker specializing in Electroliers, re-purposed wood wall hangings with soft lighting. Coming from a performance background, Katy wanted to give her pieces a way to communicate their unique personalities and create an experience with the viewer beyond the visual medium. Her solution? Let her pieces perform. Katy partnered up with professional lighting designer Justin Borgelt to create her debut show “Anthropomorphism.”  The work consists of 16 Electroliers that are connected to a light and soundboard, which will play 10 different pieces of music.  The opening of the show will display the 10 songs as the lights on the pieces dance and sing and play with the music.

Regular hours at the gallery are daily from 12-6p.m. or by appointment.

Telluride Arts District offices are located in the Stronghouse, 283 South Fir Street in Telluride.

For more information visit us online at or call us 970.728.3930

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