Mountain Village: Council Greenlights New Science Center

On Thursday, July 17, Mountain Village Town Council unanimously approved entering into a conveyance agreement with the Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association (TMVOA) in order to find a permanent home for the Telluride Science Research Center (TSRC) in Mountain Village.


The envisioned campus-style facility would sit on two acres near The Market at Mountain Village and host year-round TSRC scientists. And though the design process has not begun, the new facility could include multiple auditoriums, offices, classrooms, café, game room, modest-sized employee housing, and a roof-top patio.

The town is delighted to partner with TMVOA and TSRC to find a permanent home for this important institution in our community,” said Mountain Village Mayor Dan Jansen.

In 2014, 1,500 national and international scientists will take part in TSRC workshops, summer schools and conferences, bringing with them 600-plus family members. All told, it is estimated that TSRC activities generate more than $9 million in total economic activity for the Telluride Region.

“When TSRC broadened their search for a new home to include communities across Colorado, we acted quickly to ensure that we kept them in the Telluride area,” explained Jansen.

Acting quickly also means that in the coming weeks the TMVOA board will provide its members with pertinent information needed to subsequently determine, through the use of an email survey, their level of support for an initial 40-year land lease with TSRC.

Dan Jansen, Mayor, Town of Mountain Village

Dan Jansen, Mayor, Town of Mountain Village

“The town encourages any and all owners to participate in the TMVOA survey to make their preferences known,” said Jansen.

According to TSRC, they began searching for a permanent home in 2011 due to a 50 percent spike in participation and outgrowing its summer rental space at the Telluride Intermediate School. When not in use, TSRC intends to make the proposed facility available on a rental basis to other groups, accommodating 250 people in the main auditorium and 80 people in the smaller ones, both of which will be tiered.

“This type of community facility is specifically envisioned in the town’s Comprehensive Plan,” said Chris Hawkins, director of community development for the town.

To encourage TSRC to build their permanent home in Mountain Village, the town has created an attractive financial incentive program. And to help support TSRC fundraising effort, the town will apply for Contribution Project Status for TSRC and its facility through Region 10. If awarded, those who contribute to the construction of TSRC can receive a 25 percent state income tax credit and a 25 percent federal tax credit up to a maximum credit of $100,000. In-kind donations also qualify for a state income tax credit of 12.5 percent.

“TSRC is very pleased with the unanimous vote by the Mountain Village Town Council and the overall enthusiasm from the Mountain Village community for finding a permanent home for TSRC,” said Nana Naisbitt, TSRC executive director.

The TSRC was founded in 1984 as an incubator for molecular science research and is the only independent molecular science center in the world. The non-profit organization also hosts the science lecture series, TSRC Town Talks, and supports Pinhead Institute’s science education program.


Mountain Village, situated in the heart of the breathtaking San Juan Mountains, was incorporated in 1995 as a home rule municipality.  Its founders envisioned a European-style ski-in/ski-out, pedestrian-friendly destination resort that would complement the historic mining town of Telluride. A three-stage gondola transportation system connects the Town of Mountain Village with the Town of Telluride. Situated at 9,500 feet, Mountain Village is comparably a world apart from other resorts: it is innately spectacular, beautifully orchestrated and planned, and overflowing with style, charm and sophistication. For more information, please visit us on the Web at

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