Wilkinson Library: Summer Reading

Wilkinson Library: Summer Reading

Keep your kids or kids in your life (and yourself) engaged in reading this summer with Wilkinson Public Library’s Summer Reading programs. The program runs from June 5th to August 13th, but anyone can join anytime.

summer reading

Research shows that students who read over the summer do better in school when they return in the fall and that just reading a mere five books throughout the summer can prevent academic loss. Summer reading loss is cumulative, so much so that by the end of sixth grade, children who do not read over the summer can be up to two years behind other children. WPL wants to put books in the hands of children. This is the best antidote for the “summer slide” in children’s reading achievement. Access to books and library programs over the summer results in more reading which results in improved reading skills and academic success.

This summer, the Wilkinson Public Library has a number of interesting ways to keep children engaged and excited about reading even when their teacher is not “forcing” them to. The first is geared towards parents with children ranging from newborns through preschool. This program provides tips and activities that the parents can do with their child to promote early literacy. The second program is for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade and focuses on reading as many books as they can over the summer.

The Teen Department has a special program called “Spark a Reaction” for kids grads 6 – 12. This program encompasses reading and more. It’s meant get the kids’ creative juices flowing in many ways. They have the opportunity to participate by submitting artwork, writing short stories or poems, making videos, or taking photos.

Participants will get a prize for signing up for any of these activities and there are prizes along the way as well as a raffle at the end for kids who’ve met a certain benchmark.

Stop by the library or go to www.telluridelibrary.org for more details.

What about the adults? Don’t they get to join in the fun too?

New this year is our adult summer reading program: TelluREAD. There is no formal registration. Just pick up a bookmark at the front desk when you check out. Once you are done with your book, write a short review on the back of the bookmark and drop it into the bowl at the front desk to enter the raffle. We will be giving out free coffees from local coffee shops every week to the lucky winners. At the end of the summer, we will compile all of the participants for our grand prize raffle. The prizes will include gift cards to local shops such as Jagged Edge, Between the Covers, Telluride Truffle, Ace Hardware, Apotheca, and Bootdoctors.

All of us at Wilkinson Public Library hope that you and your family and friends find a way to enjoy one of our many Summer Reading programs this year! To find out more about all of the library’s summer programs, visit our website at www.telluridelibrary.org.

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