Wilkinson Library: Landeryou In Charge

Meet the Telluride Library’s new director, on the job now for about one month.

Even in the era of e-books, libraries are places of refuge, where people gather and meet – and still check out books.

Sarah Landeryou, director, Wilkinson Public Library

Sarah Landeryou, director, Wilkinson Public Library

Last year, 2013, however, there were more than a few dark days for Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library: staff, trustees and patrons. A dip in property tax revenues meant budget constraints, which triggered a decision to close on Sunday – and that triggered a firestorm.

But all’s well that ends well.

Thanks in large part to the efforts of interim director Brenda Carns, who managed (with the support of a great staffers) to redirect the institution’s focus to meet new budget requirements and the wants and needs of the greater Telluride community – hat’s off for that hat trick – the new library’s director, Sarah Landeryou, has been leading from a position of relative calm and strength for about one month now.

Landeryou, a Michigan native, received her MLS from the University of Illinois in 1994. She moved to Telluride in 2007 from Denver, where she was was librarian at The Rocky Mountain News. Landeryou joined the Wilkinson Public Library that same year, serving as adult services manager and public services coordinator. Her most recent job before becoming library director was budget and collections coordinator.

Landeryou was one of five finalists for her new position, all of whom participated in interviews with the board and meetings with library staff and the public in Telluride in late March.

“Landeryou impressed the board as having all the qualities we were seeking to keep Wilkinson Library strong and move it into a great future,” said board president Brandt Garber.

“I am really excited about the opportunity to lead this wonderful library in such a beautiful place, with an excellent staff, passionate board, and involved community,” she said.

Landeryou, who officially assumed her job on May 5, is Wilkinson Public Library’s fifth head honcho (not counting two Interim Directors).

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