Why We Need To Choose Creativity Over Conformity

Why We Need To Choose Creativity Over Conformity


Mark DeNicola writes about the importance of creativity over conformity and shares a video (see below) from Jason Silva’s Shots of Awe Series.

“There is no one map for how to live our lives. Reality is just a word and you’re not supposed to use it without quotation marks around it anyways.” – Jason Silva, quoting Joseph Campbell

We live in a world where conformity is both publicly practiced and accepted to a much higher degree than creativity. A life of conformity is seen as the safe route, the route where we stay out of trouble and are more likely to build a stable and secure life that we can be proud of. But is conformity really that stable? And even if it is, is potential “stability” worth the suppression of creativity? This video and the message that it shares is the perfect reminder as to why we should not be afraid to choose a life of creativity, check it out:

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