The Women’s Network: Luncheon, Social Media Mkting

The Women’s Network: Luncheon, Social Media Mkting

Marla Meridth of, expert in photography, blogging and social media marketing, featured at The Women’s Network luncheon.

Marla Meridth of, expert in photography, blogging and social media marketing, featured at The Women’s Network luncheon.

Facebook: about 900 million followers

Twitter: about 310 million followers

Linkedin: about 255 million followers

Pinterest: about 250 million followers

Google Plus+: about 120 million followers

Tumblr: about 110 million followers

Instagram: about 100 million followers

VK: about 80 million followers

Flickr: about 65 million followers

MySpace: about 42 million followers

Those are the top 10 most popular social networking site according to eBIZMBA Rank.

Yes, it’s a numbers game, but if you are an immigrant to this brave new world of cyber marketing – and you are unless you are a Millennial or younger – you may be in the dark about how to play.

Want to promote your business or brand, have folks learn about your service or the cause you support, and to that end, you want everyone to visit your website, but how to sing the song they want to hear? With all the noise out there in cyberspace, attracting targeted traffic, the Holy Grail, seems daunting.

Crossing your fingers, lighting candles or holding your nose and jumping into the deep end simply will not do the trick

You need a strategy and a guide.

Enter Marla Meridith.

Described by one fan as “part Energizer Bunny, part healthy lifestyle cheerleader,” Marla is an expert blogger, photographer – and social media marketer.

Once again, the stats tell the story.

New Pinterest: 568,642+

Family Fresh Cooking Facebook: 110,500+

Marla Meridith Lifestyle Facebook: 3,149

Google+: 20,656+

Twitter: 10,500+

Instagram: 13,000+

On Thursday, June 12, 11:30 a.m – 1:30 p.m., the American Room of the New Sheridan Chop House, The Professional Women’s Forum of the Telluride Women’s Network features Marla Meridith of at a networking luncheon. On the menu is pulled pork sandwich, green salad, French fries, etc. For dessert: food for thought – Marla on Social Media Marketing.

Just how good, how savvy is the lady?

I speak from personal experience.

“Food for Thought” is the name of a column on Telluride Inside… and Out that marks an on-going collaboration between Marla and me. We offer food commentary in the Telluride region, including reviews of restaurants we frequent and love. Whenever we post on TIO – and then Marla posts a second story with a slightly different, photo-intensive spin on the same subject on Family Fresh Cooking – the stories go viral. And that is thanks to the numbers above and the fact the lady is strategic and knows how to finesse key social media outlets.

Crawl out of your cave. Stop having to rely on your teenage progeny (or younger friends) for support navigating social media. Attend the The Women’s Network luncheon.

More about Marla:

Marla Meridith (creator of Family Fresh is a trendsetter in the world of food, lifestyle, travel blogging and photography. A finalist as Saveur magazine’s “Best of Blogs 2013,” she has a loyal and growing following.

Telluride Inside.. and Out, The Huffington Post, Bon Appétit, Gourmet Live, Chef Marcus Samuelsson, The Four Seasons and Visit Telluride blogs as well as Parenting, Perfect Wedding magazines and various cookbooks have featured Marla’ work. She also engaged by  a colorful array of food, product, travel, outdoors and lifestyle brands including American Express, Swiss Tourism Board, Vail Resorts, Dole, Beretta, Wild Alaskan Seafood, Famous Idaho Potato, Driscoll’s Berries and General Mills to name a few.

Marla is a trusted resource for home chefs, world travelers and active lifestyle enthusiasts everywhere. When people visit her blog, they safe sure to find great recipes, selective ingredient recommendations, lifestyle tips and breathtaking photography.

And Marla is the perfect team player to spotlight your brand around the web.

About the Professional Women’s Forum:

The Professional Women’s Forum is sub-group of the Telluride Women’s Network, formed because of growing interest from women in the business community who were looking for a way to network professionally.

The TWN Professional Women’s Forum hosts business luncheons, networking and educational opportunities, and happy hours. Stay tuned via the TWN facebook page, or the TWN website. Contact any of the committee members directly to find out more or become involved.

Committee members include: Sefra Maples of Sefra Maples Design, Brittany Harvard of Telluride Food Tours & the Peaks, Clare Evans of Lumiere hotel and little bar, Georgina Bishop of Re:Treat, Erica Kineas of the Telluride Historical Museum, and Vivian Russell of MayaAir Charter. Telluride Women’s Network membership is open to anyone. Dues are $50 per year.

To become a member, hear what Marla Meridith has to say, or learn about speakers at other TWN events, visit

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