Coral Reef Restoration

Coral Reef Restoration


The Nature Conservancy and its partners are literally nursing coral reefs back to health in an attempt to restore this vital marine habitat.

Beauty and Brawn: Coral Reefs Have it All

To the long list of benefits that coral reefs provide to the world – from fisheries production to sheer beauty – add coastal protection from ocean waves. Conservancy scientists recently contributed to a new study in Nature Communications that shows that intact coral reefs reduce wave energy by 97 percent and wave height by 84 percent.

What does this mean? It means we have at least 100 million more reasons to protect and restore coral reefs. About 100 million people live within less than 10 m above sea level and less than 10 km from a coral reef. They receive substantial benefits from the reefs — not the least of which is reducing risks from strong waves and storms.

The Conservancy has a long history of successful coral restoration, from the Florida Keys to the Coral Triangle. In Hawaii, we’ve partnered with NOAA on what we think is one of the most unusual, innovative and effective coral restoration projects in the world.

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