Art Walk: Lustre Gallery Features Zoltan

“I want to make this moment worthy of your attention; something unique, something honest,” Zoltan.

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Telluride Arts First Thursday Art Walk celebrates the bounty of the Telluride Creative District. It is a meet-and-greet for locals and visitors alike, when venues around town stay open late until 9 p.m.A free Art Walk Map offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Listen to Open Art Radio on KOTO from 12-1pm on first Thursdays to hear interviews with the artists. Maps are available at participating venues and at the Telluride Arts offices located in the Stronghouse Studios + Gallery at 283 South Fir Street.

For Art Walk, Lustre Gallery features a knight in shining armor. At least his work shines.

Austin-based jewelry designer, Sir Zoltan David – he was knighted in honor of his father, a hero of Hungary – has long been a crusader on a mission to innovate in his field of metal arts. Over a career spanning three decades, Zoltan has garnered international recognition and praise for his work, starting with a DeBeers diamond award in 1979. Other prestigious honors include five AGTA awards and three AGS awards. He has earned the title of Designer of the Year on numerous occasions and is considered one of the top 100 designers of the past 30 years.

Some of Zoltans’s meticulously crafted, patented signature line features gold inlay in platinum and cobalt chromium designs, examples of which are on display at Lustre.

Four Seasons (600x800)

“The marrying of hard and soft metals is a thing of beauty. There is a true balance of yin and yang, the hard and soft of the metals, the light of gold and platinum and the dark of the black cobalt chromium, the precious and the non-precious metal combinations, the bright light of gemstones on a background as dark as the midnight sky. These opposites create balance, and balance is the key to beauty,” Zoltan explained in an interview in Couture Magazine.

The jewelry designer sees his creations born in the depths of his imagination as amulets for their owners.

“It speaks of the owner’s style, their status, their love and commitment, their remembering something very personally meaningful. Jewelry is communicative and commemorative.”

Christine Reich, co-owner of Lustre, seconds that emotion.

Budapest Couture LR

“I became acquainted with Zoltan through his visits to Lustre and found him to be charming, open and kind. With a little research, I discovered that Zoltan has created a rich and remarkable world of jewelry that is imaginative and exquisitely handcrafted, qualities we have strived to make hallmarks of Lustre, yet Zoltan’s collections are unique from the work of the jewelry designers in our stable. We are thrilled to be able to introduce his jewels to Telluride this week.”

For further information, learn more about Lustre here or call 970-728-3355.

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