7 Qualities Of A Great Friend

7 Qualities Of A Great Friend

7 Qualities Of A Great Friend

7 Qualities Of A Great Friend

In this excerpt from a post on MindBodyGreen, Stephen Guise, author of the best-selling book “Mini Habits,” explores the 7 Qualities Of A Great Friend:

Great friendships are one of the most important things in life. Here are the top seven qualities found in the greatest friends. Are you in a romantic relationship? If yes, keep in mind that friendship is the core of ANY relationship; these are the qualities of a great partner too!

Here they are! Seven qualities of a great friend:

1. They are genuinely happy for you when things are going your way.

Before you cry “Captain Obvious,” consider the many “friendships” that appear friendly on the surface, but are filled with jealousy, passive-aggressive remarks, and an “I’ll step on you if it gets me higher” attitude. Anyone who plays that game is not a friend, but a manipulator.

A true friend gets excited — not jealous and angry — when something good happens. Great friends are teammates and celebrate each others’ success when they score! If someone in your life acts angry or distant when things seem to be going your way, they’re comparing themselves to you instead of genuinely being happy for you.

2. They’re there for you when you really need them.

Friends are supposed to be there for each other. We all know that. But what makes a friend go from good to great is when they explicitly tell you that they’re available when you need them. Modern life can be hectic, but a great friend makes time to offer advice or support when needed.

3. They’re honest, but supportive.

Friends are one of the very best external sources of information about yourself. They know you very well, but they’re not partially blinded by emotions like in a romantic relationship. This means they can see some of your rough edges that you might not realize.

A supportive-only friend is not a very good friend because, for example, they’d let their friends get into or stay in bad relationships — all because they put their desire to be “supportive” ahead of their desire to tell the truth. A great friend will be honest when there’s cause for concern but will find a way to be honest that is supportive, instead of destructive or harsh.

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