Telluride Found'n: May Workshops


The Telluride Foundation is hosting the following workshop/ED Breakfast in May, please email to if you plan to attend. Workshops are free and open to the public:

1)  May 15, 8:30am to 9:45am, “Strategies for Generating Revenue,” Executive Director Breakfast at the Telluride Historical Museum, 201 W. Gregory Ave. This interactive Executive Director breakfast will explore opportunities to make money in your nonprofit beyond fundraising. Piggy-backing off of Paul Tomita’s presentation on intellectual property considerations for nonprofits, we will explore what you as nonprofits have of value that could be used to generate revenue. Whether that is a trademark, brand, talent, facilities, endowment, network, service, or skill, generating revenue provides much needed relief from the unreliability of public and philanthropic dollars. Presented by Thea Chase, Director of the Telluride Venture Accelerator. Thea has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, including management of the Business Incubator Center in Grand Junction from 1993-2006, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that had a 1.5m annual budget and generated 80% of its annual income.



Thea Chase, director, Telluride Venture Accelerator

Thea Chase, director, Telluride Venture Accelerator


2)  May 29, 1pm to 4pm, Workshop on “Web Technologies & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)” at the Telluride Library Program Room, Nonprofit Workshop. Presented by Joshua Gowans, workshop topics will include:

1.  Web site platforms and frameworks – how and why to implement, what to keep in-house vs. contract out, and how to evaluate technologies for your business.  Participants will learn about:

1.    Google analytics

2.    SEO basics

3.    Domain management

4.  Using & integrating CRM solutions into your nonprofit business – civiCRM will be the focus, though the review will apply to most systems and will touch on:

5.    What to look for in a system –

6.    Web-based vs. not (pros & cons)

7.    Costs to consider

8.    Good tools to use

9.    Overview of civiCRM

Josh Gowan, founder, software development and technology project management firm, 3Plumes. (image, Brenda Colwell)

Josh Gowan, founder, software development and technology project management firm, 3Plumes. (image, Brenda Colwell)

Technical knowledge is not critical to attend this workshop. This will be a ‘how-to’ session with some review of ‘why’ to adopt these technologies, i.e. the value to an organization’s administrative, development and marketing functions. Josh has prepared a survey to help guide the content of the workshop. Anyone interested in attending should please complete the survey:  

Josh Gowans is a founding partner with 3Plumes, LLC, a South Carolina-based software development and technology project management firm with a focus on marketing and communications. Josh has been active in the not-for-profit sector and is currently the Executive Director of the Wright Opera House in Ouray, CO.


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