Mountainfilm In Telluride: Art Of Storytelling

Mountainfilm in Telluride jumpstarts the summer season in the region with tales of mountain living (endangered species, cultures and ideas) and mountain adventure ( think adrenaline rush). A native of Washington State, Sam Giffin is a producer and director at Right On Brothers Films. His credits include “Downhill Affair: A Love Story,” “Return of the Niña,” “Livin’ Tiny: A Quest for Powder” and “Parking Lot Culture,” which will screen at Mountainfilm 2014. Below are his thoughts about promoting chills and spills versus making a heart connection.


As a mountain person I am familiar, all too well, with the stories that present themselves in the mountains — the quest to go higher, the drive to push farther and the epically stunning imagery waiting to be captured at the top. There is the ever-present danger of death, methods of survival and related tales to tell about each adventure. I know. I was caught in an avalanche…once upon a time.

But here’s the catch: We don’t want our friends or family to encounter danger and hardship…

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And below is a trailer for the film:

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