12 Simple Hangover Cures

12 Simple Hangover Cures

Memorial Weekend. In Telluride, the holiday is synonymous with Mountainfilm, a gathering of a tribe of indomitable spirits out to save the world, one cause, one film, one conversation at a time. (And yes, year after year, positive change happens as a result.) In other parts of the country, however, a hangover may not be from a surfeit of great ideas. If the cause of your headache was from more mundane behavior, know that you are not alone – hangovers are as global as the beverages that cause them – and check out the cures collated here in an article by Suzy Strutner in Huff Post Lifestyle.


We’ve tried the standard hangover helpers, like sipping Sprite and eating pretzels and popping an Advil (or two, or three).

But despite our best bleary-eyed efforts, we’ve yet to come up with the perfect hangover cure. And thanks to the folks at CheapFlights, we now have a whole menu of delicious (and disgusting) attempts inspired by travels around the world.

The recipes might need tweaks (beans should DEFINITELY be included in a proper English breakfast), the science may be fuzzy (does greasy food really “soak up alcohol,” or just make you queasy?), and the remedies may have lost their potency with time (bull penises cured ancient hangovers, but who would nom them now?!).

Nevertheless, we couldn’t resist a share– anything to get mankind one step closer to a cure.

Continue reading here. (If you dare. There’s even a cure involving a a dried bull penis).

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