The Groove Abides: Tribute Fest at Opera House

The Groove Abides: Tribute Fest at Opera House


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I am so glad the folks at the Sheridan Opera House are throwing the three-night, four-band Telluride Tribute Fest, Thursday-Saturday, March 13-15. That’s right – all tribute bands! Why is it such a great notion? Because tribute bands are often every bit as good as the bands they revere, love and mimic. I mean, if you’re taking on Queen, for instance, you’d better be good and whoever’s singing the late, great Freddie Mercury’s parts better be spot-on or else the act will be condemned to hopeless, sad parody. That is not the case with the bands the Opera House has lined up for our extreme entertainment.




Kicking off the line-up on Thursday, March 13 with all the thunder and machismo of the original Led Zeppelin is Zoso, The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience. Anyone taking on the catalogue of what many believe to be the best rock-blues band in history has got to have massive cojones. The men of Zoso bring the swagger, the chops and the heat. It’s stupendously intricate rock and roll, played with finesse and fire. This indie band-crushing sound is played without one toy piano and all the amps turned to 11. Don’t talk to me during this set because, A) I can’t hear you; and B) Led Zeppelin music is sacred territory and what you have to say can wait until after the show. And I probably won’t be able to hear you then, either.

Check out the group in performance here.

On Friday, March 14, a 1990s-era cool double bill saluting No Doubt and Sublime takes the stage. No Duh tips its stylish cap to Gwen Stefani and the ska-punk-reggae pop sounds of her funky cohorts. In the lead role as the beautiful, blonde and fashionable Stefani is accomplished singer, voice actress and deft mimic, Spen Gjormani (pronounced Spen’ Yurmoney). She nails it.


Longtime pals Dane Scott and Jeremy Miller formed 40 Oz. to Freedom to pay homage to Bradley Nowell and Sublime, purveyors of a unique hybrid of ska-punk and reggae rock that, back in the day, often played gigs with No Doubt. This tribute pairing makes perfect sense. With stunning accuracy and deep respect, Miller channels the late Nowell, whose too-early death from a heroin overdose cemented the band’s legendary status. Close your eyes and it’s 1992 all over again.


One Night of Queen with Gary Mullen and The Works will blow minds. Gary Mullen’s worshipful and passionate performance as Queen’s late lead singer, the incomparable Freddie Mercury, has drawn the attention of Queen guitarist, Brian May. May once invited Mullen to a Queen concert (performed with Bad Co. singer Paul Rodgers) and met the star-struck Mullen backstage afterwards. That’s a huge compliment. The Works is a tight, talented band that will power this fantastic excursion through Queen classics such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Under Pressure.” Queen fans are a-twitter all over town.


There are VIP and general admission tickets for each night, or all three shows.

The Telluride Ski Resort is also joining in on the fun with a Costume Contest on the mountain each day of the festivals! Each day they will give away two sets of tickets to the Telluride Tribute Fest, so folks are encouraged to get creative and wear their best retro ski gear each day to win. Thursday, March 13 will be 70s-themed, Friday, March 14 will be 90s-themed, and Saturday March 15 will be 80s- themed!

One pair of tickets will be awarded each day to the best costume picture submitted to Instagram with the hashtag #telluridetributefest. And the second pair will be awarded to the best costume seen on the mountain each day.

For tickets and more information, please visit:, or call 970-728-6363

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