Telski & Sheridan Arts: Steel Pulse

Telski & Sheridan Arts: Steel Pulse

The third installment of the Telluride Mountain Village Conference Center Winter Music Series features a night of music with reggae legends Steel Pulse. The concert takes place Thursday, March 20, 2014. Tickets are $30* general admission and $45 VIP. VIP tickets come with a private bar and seating at the Telluride Conference Center.sanfran


Steel Pulse is a roots reggae band formed in 1975 at Handsworth Wood Boys School, in Birmingham, England. The group is made up of David Hinds (lead vocals, guitar), Basil Gabbidon (lead guitar, vocals) and Ronald McQueen (bass). Their debut release, Kibudu-Mansatta-Abuku arrived on the small independent label Dip, and linked the plight of urban black youth and their African homeland. Steel Pulse was initially refused live dates at Caribbean venues in Birmingham because of their Rastafarian beliefs.

David Hinds’ unique voice has been imitated by some of the biggest names in rock, but never duplicated. “We don’t bow to Babylon. We pay the price, and go on, taking our music directly to the people. Right now we are putting the finishing touches to the next album, and the vibes have never been better,” says Hinds.

Aligning themselves closely with Rock Against Racism organization and featuring in its first music festival in early 1978, Steel Pulse chose to tour with sympathetic elements of the punk movement, including the Stranglers, XTC, The Clash, and The Police. Eventually, though, the group found a more natural home in support slots for Burning Spear, which brought them to the attention of Island Records, Bob Marley’s label. Steel Pulse went on to open for Marley on a European tour to great acclaim, winning them the label “Bob Marley’s favorite band.”

The group may have explored various styles of music since they started performing almost four decades ago, but when it comes to the message, the UK’s Grammy-winning reggae band has remained close to their roots. The group has continued their commitment to fighting injustice, educating the masses, and promoting positive messages through spiritually uplifting music.


“We just can’t ignore the politics, because every life and soul that’s born on this earth is a political maneuver for someone, at some stage,” Hinds explains. “From a spiritual aspect, it’s really an upliftment through facing reality – what’s out there. We deal with positive spirits. It means putting aside the guns, the drugs and all of the things that are ailments of society – especially the black communities right now.”

Steel Pulse have always taken their causes to heart, filing a $1 million class action lawsuit against New York City’s Taxi & Limousine Commission. The group charged that cabbies refused to pick up blacks and Rastafarians throughout the streets of New York.

Steel Pulse tours frequently. The Sheridan Arts Foundation and Telluride Ski Resort are thrilled to host their return to the region after a long hiatus from southwest Colorado.

The doors open at 8 p.m. on March 20; the show begins at 9 p.m. Tickets are on sale at or by calling 970-728-6363 ext. 5 , 9 a.m.-5 p.m, Monday through Friday.

Telluride Ski Resort is offering up to 20 percent off Ski and Stay packages in conjunction with the Winter Music Series. Visit for more information.

*nominal ticketing fee applies

For a preview, watch Steel Pulse in action on this video.

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