Mountainfilm In Telluride: What Me Worry?

The flurry of emails to Telluride Inside… and Out from marketing peeps all over the region are all about events marking the end of the winter season. Could the beginning of Telluride’s summer festival season really be right around the off (read mud)- season? The kick-off of the summer events is Mountainfilm in Telluride – as director David Holbrooke knows all too well. But is he worrying?

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 This year’s Mountainfilmin Telluride festival is taking shape, but David Holbrooke, the festival’s director, is fighting a twinge of panic.

I got a panicky feeling the other day during our weekly Mountainfilm staff meeting. The reason: Our meetings are normally attended only by a core team of seven year-round festival employees, but this one was significantly bigger with seasonal staff in attendance. I knew that this could only mean that the festival is closer than I realize.

March is a crazy busy month here with all kinds of preparation going into different parts of the festival. Our executive director, Peter Kenworthy, is locking down sponsor agreements and managing any number of other endless, yet essential, details. Stash Wislocki, the festival’s producer, is getting his team together and his house (well, his theaters) in order while my team (program director Emily Long and new addition Naani Sheva) focus on this year’s films.

In the programming department, we’re watching film after film,…

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