Freeriders Conquer 4-star Freeride World Qualifier

4-star results

Women’s Snowboard:

Mary Boddington

Mary Boddington

1.  Mary Boddington, USA, 138.67
2.  Laura Dewey, USA, 112.67
3. Galen Bridgewater, USA, 104.00

Women’s Ski:

Natalie Segal

Natalie Segal

1. Natalie Segal, NZL, 149.33
2. Allie Rood, USA, 145.00
3.  Hazel Burnbaum, USA, 141.00

Men’s Snowboard:

Colin Boyd

Colin Boyd

1.  Colin Boyd, USA, 159.67
2. Vincent Remmel, USA, 150.33
3. Christopher Galvin, USA, 144.33

Men’s Ski:

Greg Hope

Greg Hope

1.  Gregory Hope, USA, 171.33
2. Casey Riva, USA, 169.00
3. Ivan Malakhov, RUS, 168.33

The second stop of the Subaru Freeride Series (SFS) 4-star Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) event concluded on Sunday in Telluride. Weather conditions were temperamental throughout the event, with a snow storm causing the men’s ski competition to be slightly delayed. Competitors had the opportunity to compete under the Palmyra Peek on the Black Iron Bowl. Snowboarders Mary Boddington and Colin Boyd and skiers Natalie Segal and Gregory Hope confidently took their respective podiums in today’s 4-star event.


“The competition was a lot of fun!” Boddington beamed. “The snow wasn’t the most ideal, but it is so awesome taking the podium two times in a row. I hope to make this a triple win at Big Sky.”

In second place, Laura Dewey, based out of Snowbird, Utah, had a high energy run and made daring moves down the Call Me Cliffs, which ended with a smooth straight line to the finish. The judges awarded her a final score of 112.67. Rounding out the podium Galen Bridgewater, out of Moonlight Basin, Montana, executed her run with smooth and consistent lines through the exposed area of the Dihedral Face. Judges awarded her a third place score of 112.67.

In the women’s ski category, Treble Cone, New Zealand-native Natalie Segal took top honors by courageously picking a straight double air from the middle of Dihedral Face. She kept impeccable form while maintaining speed finishing the competition with a combined score of 149.33.

“I decided to change my line in the middle of the face due to the snow conditions not being as good as I hoped they would be,” stated Segal. “I knew I was going to have to take some speed out so I focused on my form and staying strong.”

Allie Rood, of Jackson, Wyoming, took second place by safely traversing over to The Review, straight-lined into a mandatory air and finished her run with great technique and confidence earning her spot on the podium with a combined score of 145.00. Kirkwood, California rider Hazel Burnbaum bombed down the mountain to the finish line barely taking a turn earning her a third place score of 141.00.

Next, the men’s snowboard competition winner, Colin Boyd, currently riding out of Treble Cone, New Zealand went down Dihedral Face with certainty and undeterred control. Boyd finished his run with a switch butter 270 earning his top score of 159.67.

 “I felt pretty good about my performance today,” Boyd stated. “My run didn’t go exactly as planned, it was pretty tough conditions amongst a lot of really good riders, I feel lucky to come out on top.”

Taking second place, Vincent Remmel from Whitefish, Montana, proved that he is a diverse rider by confidently riding switch. He finished his run with a switch 360 earning him a combined score of 150.33.  Christopher Galvin earned third place and a Sick Bird award when he charged down the Dihedral chute; threw a 360 over lower Review and stomped his landing with authority and complete control. He was able to manage the rough terrain while maintaining his form landing him a final score of 144.33.

Telluride local and wild-card athlete Gregory Hope had a home field advantage and took top honors in the men’s ski competition. Hope delivered a clean execution including  a top air to the riders left of the Bermuda Triangle. Hope made a daring move through some rowdy exposure in the Call Me Chute, and valiantly slid into first place with a 171.33.

“Telluride being my home mountain I tried not to over think my run,” stated Hope. “I focused on going out and having fun.”

Squaw Valley, California local Casey Riva kept the judges entertained by displaying a playful run with a lot of trickery including a spread eagle and a few shifties. He pulled a massive air in the Elbow’n Chute landing him a second place score of 169.00.  Ivan Malakhov, based out of Smolensk, Russia, also earned a Sick Bird Award as well as third place by fearlessly stomping a lofty air into the Dihedral Face. Malakhov finished with a combined score of 168.33

In addition to their top podium finish, Christopher Galvin, and Ivan Malakhov both received the coveted Sick Bird Award for their respective sports. The award is highly revered by the big mountain freeride community and is granted to the top skier and snowboarder who challenge not only themselves, but also the sport through their athletic performance. Several riders were nominated for the 2014 Telluride Sick Bird but Galvin and Malakhov both outshone their fellow nominees.

=Sunday evening’s entertainment also includes a special performance of The Talking Heads tribute band “This Must Be The Band.”

The Subaru Freeride Series last and final stop of the season will take place April 2-7 in Big Sky, Montana. The final stop will also host the top junior athletes from around the world for the second Junior Freeride World Championships by The North Face. Accumulated points immediately effect an athlete’s position on the FWT ranking system.


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