Celebrating Gus Kenworthy: Telluride’s First Olympian

Celebrating Gus Kenworthy: Telluride’s First Olympian

It was a Kodak moment: A small town with a big heart celebrating a local hero, Telluride’s first Olympian, silver medalist Gus Kenworthy.

Gus in Sochi

Gus in Sochi

And celebrating in style.

A portion of San Juan Avenue will be renamed “Gus’s Way.” Oak Street Plaza (or Gondola Plaza) will be renamed for Gus. And Telski awarded Gus a platinum level (worth about $95,000) lifetime membership in Ski & Golf Club.

Introducing his son, proud papa Peter Kenworthy, executive director of Mountainfilm in Telluride, reiterated to the cheering throngs the fact that his son is very blessed:

“Gus is blessed with talent, blessed with a big heart, blessed with a very supportive community and family. But, most of all, he is blessed with desire. And I encouraged other young people who have desire like Gus’s to pursue their dreams the way that he has.”

Gus himself was, per Peter, “a little emotional, affected by the huge turnout and by the outpouring of goodwill. He said how lucky he was to have grown up in such a great town and that the Telluride community was very much his extended family. He thanked everyone for all their wonderful support and said he looked forward to cheering on future Telluride Olympians.”
Gus at home, where the heart is.

Gus at home, where the heart is.

CBS Denver covered the story here.

The city of Telluride welcomed home Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy on Saturday.

The city gathered for a parade in the Telluride native’s honor.

Kenworthy won a silver medal in slopestyle skiing while in Sochi for the winter Olympics.

“I really thank you guys so much for your support. It’s just incredible, I couldn’t be prouder to come from this town,” said Kenworthy.

Kenworthy was one of several athletes that decided to adopt stray puppies from Russia.

He held one of those dogs while walking in the parade.

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