Poets’ Corner: Goodtimes for Valentine’s Day

Poets’ Corner: Goodtimes for Valentine’s Day

Marketing guru Scott Haltzmann wrote a book entitled “Eight Ways to Win Your Wife’s Heart Forever.” When it was published back in 2006, woman gave it as a gift to their hubbies on Valentine’s Day. Among the helpful hints for happy living together, a man should tell his wife he adores her. (Often.) Share in the child care. (Unless he is the only child in the house.) Listen without judging. (Or stuff cotton in your ears and nod your agreement.) Say “I understand” when she expresses her emotions. (You can cross your fingers behind your back.) Or do as our friend and colleague Art did: write a sexy poem that pays homage to the goddess. Go ahead. Give it a try. If that does not work, go back to saying “I understand” – and buy her a major piece of jewelry.


-for R., C. & all the sisters


how often the goddess

in all her guises

& surprises



across the circle



not the coffee of

expected rush

but the tea of


unsweetened synchronicity

colors wash over us

mango persimmon


the quarter moon

of an



embarrassed by bounty

we pretend not to notice

but then steal a glance


only to see

the heart-shaped stone

of her smile


her lips ripe

with our secret names

& all the crackling electricity


of matched numbers

small hands

opening into song



then fearless

we touch

the hem of her sleeve


the golden pillow of her hair

& realize the magic of

seeing is as much


peeling off

the moment’s husk

as ordering the usual fruit







Editor’s Note: Heavyweight (we mean that in the good sense) Green Party county commissioner, shroom afficionado, accomplished basketweaver, potato farmer – and poet extraordinaire (in 2011, he was named Western Slope Poet Laureate), let the Goodtimes roll. We are, of course, talking about none other than the force of nature known as Art Goodtimes, who weighed in with a sexy poem (above) to put everyone in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

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