Love and Sex in the Box Canyon

Love and Sex in the Box Canyon

TWN-Luncheon1st Professional Women’s Forum luncheon at New Sheridan

First tracks in fresh powder. The circus. Ice cream sundaes with a cherry on top. Puppies. All, lots and lots of good clean fun.

And then there’s sex.

Have I got your attention now?

Sometimes lovemaking is full of passion and trust. Other times, not so much: sex can be scattered, rapid, anxious, or fraught with conflicting emotions. The truth is sexual intimacy can be one of our greatest sources of pleasure – or in equal measure, disappointment. Among the many reasons for boredom and disillusionment: cultural inhibitions, lack of information, and just plain underestimating our potential for ecstasy.

Naughty and nice, “Love and Sex in the Box Canyon” is the subject of the very first luncheon held by the Professional Women’s Forum, a new interest group and initiative of the Telluride Women’s Network. The event is scheduled for the American Room at the New Sheridan on Friday, February 28, 11:30 – 1:30 p.m.

Talk about starting off with a bang.

Featured at the event, sure to sell out, are three speakers offering tips, suggestions, exercises, and savvy and straightforward talk on the subject of sex, each from a different perspective.

Kate Spina, LCSW, has lived and love in Telluride on and off since 2007. She is currently in training with Noah Levine, founder of Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society and facilitates Against the Stream meditation groups in Telluride. Kate’s interest is bringing the core Buddhist principles of ahimsa or non-harming into intimate relationships.

Cameo Hoyle is the owner of Femme Fatale Studio in Telluride, which creates provocatively playful boudoir portraits.

Olivia St. Claire

Olivia St. Claire

Olivia St. Claire, now guiding women’s journeys to sacred sites in Greece, is a former editor at Simon & Schuster. She is also the best-selling author of five hot and spicy books published in 21 countries: “203 Ways to Drive a Man Wild in Bed”; “227 Ways to Unleash the Sex Goddess in Every Woman”; “302 Advanced Techniques for Driving a Man Wild in Bed”; “The Sex Devotional”; and Naughty or Nice (100 Tips in a Box).”

Olivia is one of the most frequently quoted sexperts in Cosmopolitan and Redbook and she is a frequent guess offering piquant advice on scores of TV and radio shows in the U.S., Canada, England and Australia.

And yet she started out life as a minister’s daughter.

To learn more, click the “play” button and eavesdrop on my chat with Olivia St. Claire.

About the Women’s Professional Forum:

And be sure to attend the first ever Professional Women’s Forum luncheon to enjoy encouraging, empowering and practical advice from the panel, while networking with like-minded individuals.

The get-together is brought to you by a group of smart, and yes, sexy young women, co-founders of the Forum – Sefra Maples, Owner, Sefra Maples Design; Brittany Harvard, Owner, Telluride Food Tours and Marketing Manager at the Peaks; and Vivian Russell, Director of Marketing at MayaAir Charter – interested in enhancing business, networking, and educational opportunities in the Telluride region.

A Telluride Women’s Network membership is open to anyone and costs just $50/year. To sign up, visit Members receive invitations and details on all TWN events and interest groups.

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