EcoAction Partners: 2nd Annual Truth or Dare Continues

EcoAction Partners: 2nd Annual Truth or Dare Continues

truth or dares pageRemember that game you used to play at sleepovers or summer camp? Friends dared you to do something racy and unbelievable or asked you to tell them one of your deepest darkest secrets. This is your opportunity to relive your childhood and up the ante by playing EcoAction Partners 2nd annual “Truth or Dare” campaign!

In this competition, participants have an opportunity to take-on a series of 20 “Dares,” requesting lifestyle changes that will positively affect the environment. If you are under the age of 18, we invite you to participate in the Teen Edition, a series of 10 “Dares” specific to a younger age group. Each “Dare” is accompanied by the truth of what happens when we don’t acquiesce to the environmental request. Participants will log their dare completion posting photos to social media outlets. Last year, everyone lowered their carbon emissions by 132,000 pounds, which is equivalent to removing over 12 passenger vehicles from the road each year! The stakes are higher this year and the prizes are bigger! The task is simple, complete the most dares, collect the most points, and win prizes including but not limited to a catered fondue dinner, outdoor gear, and a night at a backcountry hut.

Are you up to the challenge, or do we have to triple dog dare you?

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Through our Truth or Dare Campaign, EcoAction Partners hopes to challenge community members to engage in sustainable practices in their personal lives. Environmental impact begins with individual decisions and while many people may be aware of what they should do to lower their carbon footprints and conserve our earth’s resources, it often seems like a lot of work to make the desired changes. This campaign is designed to give an extra incentive to make member so four community just go for it. We hope that once people change habits for a month, they will continue to choose new sustainable habits over old  less environmentally friendly habits even after the campaign is finished.

A second but equally important goal is to build a community around the sustainable lifestyle introduced through the campaign. Through Facebook and Twitter, we have a common forum which people can use to correspond in regards to their progress and share ideas about how they managed to accomplish a particular “Dare.”

A side effect of the campaign is to spread the name EcoAction Partners throughout the community, both to people who knew us previously as The New Community Coalition and to those who have never heard our name. We aim to reach all sectors of the Telluride population and make this game accessible to everybody. Our goal is that other communities will adopt similar sustainable programs and practices like ours.

For further information, contact Amie Martell, 770-329-4680.

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