19th Annual Telluride AIDS Benefit Art Auction

Event starts noon at historic Sheridan Opera House. Reception is from 6 – 10 p.m.  

Her day job is director of the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art. But for 19 years,  the indefatigable Baerbel Hacke has put together the Telluride AIDS Benefit‘s art auction. The event is scheduled for Friday, February 28, 2014. The Sheridan Opera House opens its doors at noon, but the reception and final bids happen between the hours of 6 –10 p.m. If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few images to get the ball rolling.

Mixed media on antique paper, Michelle Curry Wright

Mixed media on antique paper, Michelle Curry Wright


Polyester sweater, by Kellie Day

Polyester sweater, by Kellie Day

Photograph of Strawberry Fields, New York, 2002, by Brett Schreckengost

Photograph of Strawberry Fields, New York, 2002, by Brett Schreckengost


"Cat Walk," 2012, oil on canvas, by Susan Sales

“Cat Walk,” 2012, oil on canvas, by Susan Sales


TAB’s muse, Robert Presley, was one of Baebel’s closest friends. When he died in 1997 from complications from HIV/AIDS, the art auction became a tribute to the fabric artist and enfant terrible.

An art auction to raise awareness and funds was the brainchild of TAB’s first director, Amy Kimberly. For years, however, Baerbel has made the event her baby, donating months of time and talent towards putting together a mega sale of paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture, furniture, fabric art, mixed media works, jewelry, and other personal accessories. This year, over 60 artists generously donated their time and creativity. The list includes:

Amy Levek

Andrea Sampson

Ben Knight

Ben Preece/Aaron Smith

Blair Brown

Bob Gruen

Brett Schreckengost

Britt Markey

Brittany Miller

Bruce Gomez

Cameo Hoyle

Casey Ney

Chris Newman

Cynthia Sampson

Dean Rolley

Dieter Runge

Drew Ludwig


Elke Radenbach

Flair Robinson

Frank Liberto

Frank Worth (1923-2000)

Goedele Vanhille

Ian Pasquer

Ingrid Lundahl

Jeanne B. de Sainte Marie

Johanna Mc Kenzie

John Hopkins

Judith Kohin

Julie McNair

Karen Wilcox

Kathy Green

Kellie Day

Lauren Metzger

Lindie Sanford

Malarie Reising

Marki Knopp

Mary Kenez W

Meredith Nemirov

Michele Foote

Michelle Curry Wright

Michelle Montague

Molly Radecki

Nancy B. Frank

Nancy Craft

Peter Grajirena (1946-2011)

Ragnars Veilands (1947-1997)

Richard Wagner (1925-2009)

Rob Schultheis

Ryan BeGay

Sabine Finnern

Sean McNamara

Sherab Kloppenberg

Susan Sales

Vincent Bolletta

Works from the collections of Carisa Ames Franck, Judy Mulford, Pam Pettee, and Baerbel are also included in the show.

“The art auction is a labor of love. I do it to honor Robert’s memory and help others similarly affected,” said Baerbel. “Some people give work year after year, but there are always many newcomers too. Part of the success of the event is the low starting bids. Artists need to leave their egos at the door. This is not about who can fetch the highest price. This is about TAB and the cause. I am a strong believer that every piece of art should find a home with anyone who feels the work in their heart. You are giving yourself a gift at a bargain price and are helping others. If a $400 image goes for $50 to someone who loves it, I am happy. It’s for you. It’s for TAB. It’s a win win.”

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