You Are What You Drink

You Are What You Drink

A vodka martini, my fav. (Now you know too much about me.)

A vodka martini, my fav. (Now you know too much about me.)

We know what you wear, what you eat, even the gifts you give speak volumes about you. You are what you eat. But what about your drink? I found this particularly amusing blog in HuffPost Taste. Hint: watch out for friends who love love love tequila. The author, Rebecca Orchant thinks they could be emotionally unstable. As for vodka drinkers, well, read on.

“We’re sure we’ve already told you this, but sometimes drinking a drink after work with each other is our greatest joy. There’s something about camaraderie around a well-balanced cocktail that makes a hard day’s work feel even more worth it. If you agree, there is probably a liquor you gravitate toward on any cocktail list you meet. What you choose says a lot about you.

Do you always skip straight to the vodka section? Bourbon? Just toss out the whole list and ask for a Scotch? Whatever you do, you should know what your favorite liquor says about you. 


You are just as hard to pin down as actual vodka, vodka drinker. Choosing the neutrally-flavored spirit as your favorite could say a few different things about you:

1) You are new to drinking and don’t like the flavor of alcohol that much.
2) You are a little too familiar with drinking and don’t need to taste it anyway.
3) You are a Russian or Ukrainian grandparent and you are at brunch


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