According Animals Dignity

According Animals Dignity

Molly, by Andrew Grant, for the third edition of "Rover," a book and initiative to rescue "rescues."

Molly, by Andrew Grant, for the third edition of “Rover,” a book and initiative to rescue “rescues.”

In the run-up to the Big Event at The Peaks, a casting call on Wednesday, January 22, for inclusion in the third edition of Andrew Grant’s popular art book about dogs, “Rover” – see related story – I decided it was important to share this interesting Op Ed piece by Frank Bruni featured in The New York Times last Sunday, January 12 all about “According Animals Dignity.” The article reinforces the important of The Rover/Peaks event is in support of Second Chance Humane Society.

“As of late Monday afternoon, when I was finishing this column, the most frequently emailed story on The Times’s website for the previous week wasn’t about the polar vortex, Chris Christie or “Downton Abbey.”

It was about cats.

I suppose that’s no big shock. On blogs, on Facebook and all around the Internet, claws and clicks go hand in hand (or is that paw in paw?). While the meek may be inheriting the earth, the furry have already claimed cyberspace.

But what is surprising — and indicative of a new chapter in the interactions of Americans and the animals around us — is the focus of the cat story in question.

It wasn’t about kittens doing the darnedest things. Under the headline “What Your Cat Is Thinking,” it examined the new book “Cat Sense,” by a British biologist, John Bradshaw, who flags his seriousness of purpose with his subtitle, “How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet.” Bradshaw means to get into the cat brain.

He’s already plumbed its canine counterpart, in the 2011 book “Dog Sense,” which was also grounded in research, not sentiment, and in the idea that pets have inner lives more complicated than we imagine.”

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