University Centers of the San Miguel: Mobile GED Announced

University Centers of the San Miguel: Mobile GED Announced

UCSM-LogoUniversity Centers of the San Miguel and Rotary Club of Telluride are excited to announce a collaboration.

The start-up is a new Mobile GED Testing Center Project for all interested regional residents 16 years and older within the San Miguel River watershed. UCSM is very grateful to Rotary in helping financially support this very important educational service to our remote and rural population. The Rotary Club has awarded UCSM a generous grant to purchase new equipment to begin a mobile center that can prepare and test students in need of a General Educational Development (GED) certificate.

The local Telluride Rotary Club is a very focused on education. The organization helps provide student  with scholarships to travel with the International Rotary. Student Exchange program, annually  provides every Telluride Public School 3rd grader with a dictionary, and more.

Currently the closest GED location is in Montrose, geographically difficult to get to especially in the winter months and for working adults. Jeanne Stewart, UCSM’s Executive Director, realized after doing research that included talking with the CO State Department of Education-GED Director, that a mobile center would be  beneficial to the residents who need such access here in our watershed.  Those who will potentially benefit from this project are adults who never obtained a U.S. high school diploma and high school students unable to graduate in the traditional high school setting who need to acquire minimum skills to prepare for higher learning.

Beginning January 2014, the national GED test will change from a paper/pencil test to an on-computer only exam. And the test itself has been updated and will include computer skills as part of the 4-part exam. Once the new GED equipment is set up, UCSM will work with the West End Public Schools, Norwood Public Schools, and Telluride Public Schools Districts to help identify students in need of the new mobile GED Center program and coordinate to begin preparing these students for the new GED exam.

A qualified teaching instructor will travel to the communities where the preparation and testing will occur  to aid the students. Initially Stewart will be the qualified proctor for the final certificate exams.

For those interested in learning more about this exciting new project, please contact Jeanne Stewart at UCSM @ 369-5255.


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