Telluride Mountain Club Salutes Ullr, 12/14

Telluride Mountain Club Salutes Ullr, 12/14

Ullr (image from

Ullr (image from

Let’s start with the obvious question: Who the heck is Ullr?

The best answer I found was at

Ullr is a very old god of the northern lands, so old that by the time the Iron Age Norse myths were written down, not much more was known about him except that he was a god of archery, hunting, and the winter. His name occurs so frequently as part of Scandinavian place-names that he must have been a much more important deity at one time. He was shown frequently with skates or skis on his feet, and because of this he has been hailed as the modern God of Skiing. One story talks about him “crossing water on a magic bone”, alluding to crossing the frozen ice on skates. He was also called God of the Shield, and the shield was referred to as his “ship”, which may be a reference to using a shield or shield-shaped board as a sled … or to the ice of winter enveloping the world like a shield.

Ullr’s name comes from wuldor, an Old High German word meaning “glory.” It was pronounced “Ool” in ancient times, but today is generally pronounced “Ooler”.

For more, go here.

The next best question is what is the Telluride Mountain Club?  Its website describe the group this way:

We are a group of passionate individuals who care about access to our local mountains and the non-mechanized recreational opportunities they offer.

Originally conceived as an avalanche-education organization in 1985, the Telluride Mountain Club (TMC) evolved towards access advocacy and promoting responsible, safe backcountry travel and recreation.

MISSION: To serve as the premiere organization advocating for safe, enjoyable and environmentally responsible opportunities for human-powered recreational activity in the Telluride region.

VISION: Increased recreational opportunities, safety and environmental sensitivity of locals and visitors in our community.

Ullr and the Telluride Mountain Club come together at a special event, “A Very Merry Ullr Salute,” celebrating the best of Colorado whiskey, Telluride craft brews, prizes, music and more. The party takes place at the Steaming Bean, Saturday, December 14, 7:30 p.m.

Telluride Brewing Company will pour samples of their award winning beers while local whiskey expert, Jeremy Katz, will serve samples of a variety of artisan whiskeys, everything from the smoothest to burliest of sauces. Drink specials will be offered at the cash bar.

Musical entertainment will be provided by local duo Claybrook Penn and Bryan Thames.

Space for A Very Merry Ullr Salute is limited. Ticket includes light hors d’oeuvres, whiskey and beer tastings, and a chance to win prizes in a drawing.

Bring a snow-sport themed present for Angel Baskets and receive a drink ticket. (Telluride Mountain Club members receive a drink ticket and an extra chance to win prizes in the drawing.)

Tickets are $25 and are available online at or at the door.



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