SAF & Telski: Winter Music Series

Telluride Conference Center. Your seat in a seat at Winter Concert Series.

SAF & Telski: Winter Music Series

Telluride Conference Center. Your seat in a seat at Winter Concert Series.

Telluride Conference Center. Waiting for the crowds…

MarchFourth Marching Band, Leftover Salmon & Steel Pulse to play Telluride Conference Center Winter Music Series

The Sheridan Arts Foundation and the Telluride Ski Resort are proud to announce a new partnership: Telluride Conference Center Winter Music Series. The series offers three concerts this winter in the Mountain Village, providing guests and locals alike with more music options throughout the ski season.

Winter Music kicks off with summer festival and Sheridan Opera House favorite MarchFourth Marching Band on January 25, 2014. It continues with Colorado jamgrass band Leftover Salmon on February 16, and wraps up with reggae legend Steel Pulse on March 20.

The Sheridan Arts Foundation (SAF) is a non-profit organization that owns and operates the Sheridan Opera House (SOH), producing quality entertainment year ’round. However with a limited SOH capacity of 265, the Telluride Conference Center now expands the SAF’s audience reach.

“We often are asked to book bands that are too costly for the Sheridan Opera House, for example Steel Pulse, and this partnership is a fabulous way to provide the community and visitors with live music while benefiting our historic Sheridan Opera House,” said SAF Programming Director Ronnie Palamar.

The series is sponsored by the Telluride Conference Center, which is owned by the Town of Mountain Village. Telluride Ski Resort, which manages the Telluride Conference Center, invited the SAF to collaborate on bringing music to the space. The partnership will not only benefit the non-profit SAF, but will also bring more music fans to Telluride throughout the ski season.

“This partnership between the SAF, Telluride Ski Resort and the Telluride Conference Center is mutually beneficial for everyone involved, including the community,” said Tony Kalyk, Manager of Telluride Conference Center. “Telluride is well known for the music scene in the summer and this will provide guests and locals with additional live music options in the winter.”

Below is more information about each of the concerts scheduled at the Telluride Conference Center Winter Music Series:

MarchFourth Marching Band: Saturday, January 25, tickets $20 (plus nominal ticketing fee) 9 p.m. show, 8:30 p.m. doors. Check out this eclectic crew of Portland musicians and circus performers who have developed quite the local and regional following after performing at Telluride Jazz Celebration, Telluride Blues and Brews Festival, and the SOH. MarchFourth is far from a marching band in any traditional sense, anchored by funk electric bass, they carry audiences to the African jungle by way of Brazil with samples from the best of American funk, rock and jazz. Everything is tied together with their high-stepping stilt acrobatics.

Leftover Salmon: Sunday, February 16, tickets $30 (plus nominal ticketing fee) 9 p.m. show, 8:30 p.m. doors. Colorado’s legendary jam grass band Leftover Salmon sure does love Telluride – and Telluride loves these guys right back. The group has played countless festivals, performing late into the night at the Sheridan Opera House, but this year it’s time to take their big bluegrass, Cajun, funk, boogie laced sound to the Telluride Conference Center. The sound of Leftover Salmon is unmistakable: fluid, loose-limbed and simultaneously rootsy and daring.

Steel Pulse: Thursday, March 20, tickets $30 (plus nominal ticketing fee) 9 p.m. show, 8:30 doors. Grammy Award-winning reggae band Steel Pulse has been true to their reggae roots for more than 35 years. One of Bob Marley’s personal favorites, the band is one of the preeminent reggae bands touring today spreading the Jamaican message of love and justice around the world to music lovers.

For lodging and lift packages, an access code will be given with the purchase of concert tickets for discounts up to 20% off. For more information call 1-800-778-8581.

Spotify users can listen to music from all three artists/bands by clicking on this link.

Tickets and additional event information are available at or 970.728.6363 x5

For a preview of the first concert in the series, watch this video.


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