Poets' Corner: Goodtimes With 2 Spins On Christmas

christmas-hollyHeavyweight (we mean that in the good sense) Green Party county commissioner, shroom afficionado,  accomplished basketweaver, potato farmer– and poet extraordinaire (in 2011, he was named Western Slope Poet Laureate), let the Goodtimes roll. We are, of course, talking about none other than the force of nature known as Art Goodtimes, who weighs in now with two poems for to put everyone in the mood for Christmas, both as unconventional and to the point as their author.


Christmas Pop

Snow frozen deep in drifts

between her yurt, my studio.


Kids in the house. Pets in the sheds.

The moon. Everything’s kind of chill.


But the well’s out. A breakerbox

malfunction. Had the portable


heater knob turning the wellhouse

lightbulb on & off, like some kind of


Houdini dimmer. Hot tub’s kaput

along with some expensive


energy-saving fluorescents. I love

when electricity goes pop in the dark


of a frigid Christmas Day

affluenza hangover




What I Want for Xmas?


snow-curbed iceless paths

in moonlight


deep powder or

bare ground

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