New Year's Resolutions For Foodies (especially If You Are An Insufferable Snob)

I won't automatically prise something because i's "street food." Because there is such a thing as bad street food. (from Huff Post)

I won’t automatically praise something because it’s “street food.” Because there is such a thing as bad street food. (from Huff Post)

If your eyebrows arch when an acquaintance mispronounces “ratatouille. ” If you choose a different aisle to avoid processed cheese at a supermarket. If you avoid supermarkets entirely. If you drop the name of the newest best chef. I found these 20 (very funny) New Year’s resolutions in Huff Post Lifestyle. They could be for you – but only if you want to stop pissing off family and friends with your pretensions. Read them and then go off and eat fast food. And admit it: you love fast food from time to time. (But only when no one is looking.)

Everybody loves to hate foodies. They’re pretentious, snobby and annoying. We’ve seen enough #FoodPorn Instagrams and we’ve heard enough about the amazing “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant you “discovered.” We care not what chefs you claim to be besties with, and really don’t care if we’re pronouncing “orecchiette” wrong.

Maybe this year food-obsessors should take some time to self-reflect and consider why everybody is so fed up with them them. There’s hope, we think. Here are some resolutions that foodies everywhere should try this year:

I won’t Instagram every single thing I eat.

Because nobody cares.

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