What’s Better Than Black Friday?

What’s Better Than Black Friday?

black-friday-2013According to Huff Post Style, skipping it.

Okay, so there is a lot of pressure to go out on Black Friday. And we totally get it: There are deals to be had and money to be saved. But there is also a strong case to be made for staying home, eating raw cookie dough and (re)watching “Elf.” So, to all the ladies (and gents) out there who are foregoing Black Friday shopping in favor of other low key post-Thanksgiving activities, we applaud (and totally get) you.

Here are 11 reasons you shouldn’t feel bad about skipping the mall this Friday.

Continue reading here for details such as tryptophan hangover, bloat and parking. (Plus 29 of Huff Post Style’s favorite online shopping sites.)

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