Telluride Gallery Of Fine Art: Altered Albums Opens Season

"The BIg Chill"- Before

“The BIg Chill”- Before

When the weather grows cold, snow and snow fun on the mountain are definite maybes, but one thing is for sure: the holiday trifecta is upon us. In Telluride that means brushing off the cobwebs from the anodyne Fall off-season and prepare (for better or for worse) for the revelry – which kicks off with the opening show at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art: “Altered Album Covers.”

The event takes place Tuesday, November 26, 5 – 8 p.m.

“My inspiration for the event dates back to 1981, when the Rolling Stones released ‘Tattoo You,’ a compilation of outtakes from previous recording sessions. Mick Jagger’s tattooed face is on the cover of the album  Keith Richards’ mug, similarly decorated, is on the back. I thought to myself  ‘How cool’ and Altered Album Covers was born. Last year was so successful, we decided to repeat the fun. We issued an open invitation to the community to participate. The big idea was for all burgeoning artists is to find an original LP cover and enhance it with original art (without changing the size, 12 X 12 inches),” explained Gallery director Baerbel Hacke.

The ground rules (issued mid-October for a commitment no later than November 16 ) for entry were as follows:

  • May be representative or not representative of your signature style.
  • Record will be removed and all work will be hung in a grid on the gallery walls.
  • One set price of $50 per album split between gallery and artist
  • No altering the back of the album cover in any way for hanging. (But participants can choose to sign on the back or front.)
  • Print a 3×3 inch image of the cover before any alteration is made. Include this print with your album submission.

Turns out lots of people decided to play, picking up the free albums at the Gallery to personalize.

"The Big Chill"- After

“The Big Chill”- After

“If everyone who dropped by actually completes the task at hand, we will have 30 LPs on display, which make perfect holiday gifts,” continued Baerbel. “These one-of-a-kind masterpieces show off the creativity of established artists and newbies alike.”

Next up at the Gallery, Noel Nite, Wednesday, December 4, featuring the work of local studio jeweler Sally Simpson.

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