Beyond Telluride Film Fest: “Gravity’s” Love Child

Beyond Telluride Film Fest: “Gravity’s” Love Child

Gravity-Poster-585x350Buffs like us who had been following the film festivals and their picks in general release, know that Alfonso Cuaron’s techno blockbuster “Gravity” is, pardon the pun, flying high. Here’s what we said about the movie in our review of the 40th annual Telluride Film Fest:

“Gravity,” a space epic directed by Oscar nominee Alfonso Cuaron, with son and co-writer Jonas Cuaron, came to the Festival with a lot of wind under its sails. The film, which adroitly walks the line between scientific fact and fiction, is a spine tingler featuring A-listers and Oscar winners George Clooney (TFF tribute 2011) as Captain Matt Kowalsky and Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone. The two astronauts are out and about on a leisurely stroll around space when disaster strikes, their shuttle is destroyed, and the pair are left completely alone and adrift.

We were privileged to attend the screening of “Gravity” at Film Fest’s newest venue, the Werner Herzog (the “Zog”) Theatre, itself a masterpiece of engineering (kudos to Bone Construction, Parks & Rec and all involved), which showcased the film’s stunning technical achievements, on a par with Ang Lee’s groundbreaking “Life of Pi.” The films tell the same story as “Pi,” of guts and grit and the will to beat the odds and survive in the face of an environment that yawns at the effort.

(For my full review, go here)

No doubt “Gravity” is the main event, but Jonas Cuaron’s “Gravity” short, “Aningaaq,” which tells the other side of Sandra Bullock’s distress call, is also getting considerable attention, especially from off-beat sites such as Hey U Guys.Co.UK!

Check out what U Guys had to say about Curaon’s the Younger tragi-comic (emphasis on the tragic) cinematic riff.

Gravity is no doubt one of the best films of the year and watching this short film just re-enforces just how good it is. Co-Writer and Son of Gravity Director Jonas Cuarón has written and Directed this simply fabulous short film showing the other side of the Sandra Bullock distress call from the movie. If you’ve not seen Gravity yet then this will make no sense, but if you have seen it then this is a must watch.

Continue reading here (and check out the trailer for “Aningaaq”).

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