A Greener Gondola

A Greener Gondola

The Telluride Gondola is about to get even groovier. The  Colorado  Economic  Development  Commission  has  just granted the gondola a Contribution  Project.  The  new  Gondola  Contribution   Project  is  a  partner  of  the  Green  Gondola Project, which  uses  donations  to  fund  energy-­efficient  enhancements  to  the   gondola  system  via  the  installation  of  solar panels  and  other  capital  improvements.  The  new  Contribution  Project   status  means  that  donors  can  receive  state and  federal  income  tax  credits, a 25  percent  state  and  federal  income  tax  credit,  up  to  a  maximum  credit  of $100,000.  In-­kind  donations  receive  a  12.5  percent  state  income   tax  credit  and  12.5  percent  federal  income  tax credit.  There is  a  minimum  donation  of  $50  for  cash  donations  and   $100  for  in-­kind  contributions.

Telluride_Gondola“The  gondola  drives  economic  development  in  the Telluride  Region  by  providing  a  vital,  free  transit  system  for  the   local  workforce  and  a  critical  tourism  connection  between  the  symbiotic  towns  of  Telluride  and  Mountain  Village,” stated  Community  Development  Director  Chris  Hawkins. “Capital  improvement  projects  funded  would  lead  to   reduced  operating  costs,  increased  service  efficiency,  and  support  improved  regional  tourism  services,  all  to  create  a greener  tourism  destination.  Anticipated  economic  benefits  include  job  retention,  increased  tourism,  and  enhancing  this  vital  workforce  transit  connection.”

Another  advantage  to  having  this Green  Gondola  Project is it uses  100   percent  of  its  donations  to  fund  energy-­efficient  enhancements  to  the  gondola  system  such  as  the  installation  of  solar   panels.  According  to  Environmental Services  Director  Deanna  Drew,  “Our goal  is  to  someday  operate  the   gondola  on  100  percent  green  power.” Enterprise Zone Colorado’s  Enterprise  Zone  program  provides  tax  incentives  to  encourage  businesses  to  locate  and expand  in   designated  economically  distressed  areas  of  the  state.  Mountain  Village  is  located  within  a  state designated   Enterprise  Zone  that  allows  for  a  broad  range  of  economic  development  tools,  including  Contribution Project  status.     Region  10,  an  organization  offering  public  programs  in  support  of  18  local  communities  and  six counties  in  western   Colorado,  was  instrumental  in  assisting  Mountain  Village  obtain  Contribution  Project  status, with  local  Enterprise   Zone  coordinator  Rhona  Keckler  approving  the  initial  request  prior  to  submission  to  the Economic  Development   Commission.   For  more  information  or  to  donate,  contact  Hawkins  at  970.369.8250  or chawkins@mtnvillage.org.

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