Virgin’s Guide to Rocky Horror Picture Show

Virgin’s Guide to Rocky Horror Picture Show

Attending a Rocky Horror Picture Show is a little bit like wandering into a Cambodian market where some of the food stands are selling fried bugs. You’re half- repulsed, half-intrigued. The assault on the senses is overwhelming yet somehow appealing. And throughout the entire experience, you find yourself wondering how you’ve lived this long and never experienced anything close to this.Poster (1)

This Thursday, October 24th at 9PM at the Palm, Telluride residents will get the chance to have just this experience. Telluride Theater and Palm Theater are co-hosting Rocky Horror Show as a fundraiser for both. While the movie is running, Telluride Theater are shadow casting the film and acting out major scenes. They will be wearing true Rocky Horror costumes and like the best Rocky Horror shows, encouraging audience participation.

If you haven’t seen a Rocky Horror Show before, you’re in for a unique treat. But just in case you’re a little nervous about your first time, here are a few things that TRHPS’s Official Fan Site recommend you know before you go….

1.    The only things you really need bring to the show are your sense of humor and some money for tickets. A group of friends is nice as the showings tend to be rowdy and rowdy is better with friends. (Don’t read too far into that.)
2.    Props: Costumes always make the show better but wear whatever you’re comfortable in. Bring rice to throw for the wedding scene. (Telluride Theater will also have these for sale at the Palm.)
3.    Whenever you hear the name “Brad Majors”, yell “ASSHOLE.”
4.    Usually, theaters will have some sort of virgin ritual which almost always only includes 2 virgins. Since at any one time, an audience can consist of 25%-50% virgins, it is not likely that you will be chosen for this harmless ritual (well, usually harmless, it varies by theater!) But if you don’t want to be chosen, just point to your nearest neighbor. That usually takes care of it.

Cash bar: beer, wine and other awesome drinks. Only 19+ will be admitted. Tickets, $18 at the door. ($150 VIP tables also available).

Call 970-369-5669 for more info.

For more information on the show and what to expect, check out this podcast below with Telluride Theater’s Artistic Director, Sasha Sullivan:

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