Telluride Film Fest: All Is (Hardly) Lost

Redford & Chandor plot a scene. Image from

Redford & Chandor plot a scene. Image from

Been over this ground before. The consensus among attendees is that the 40th annual Telluride Film Fest  was the best in the history of one of the best film festivals in the world. And among the best screenings at the best fest was J.C. Chandor’s “All Is Lost,” starring the iconic filmmaker and actor Robert Redford.

Here is Clint Viebrock’s (very personal) assessment of “All Is Lost.”

And we found this very fine review by Peter Martin in

Why ‘All Is Lost’ Is Even Bolder Than ‘Gravity’ and ‘Captain Phillips’

Make no mistake, Gravity and Captain Phillips are very good, possibly great movies. The former broke box office records for October on its opening weekend, riding a wave of extremely positive critical reactions. (Check out all these articles by our writers who’ve been inspired by the movie.) The latter opened the New York Film Festival less than two weeks ago and has already built up a large reservoir of well-deserved praise.

But there’s a third movie that explores a similar theme — the survival of the human spirit under extreme, adverse conditions — and belongs right next to Gravity and Captain Philllips on the top shelf of 2013 releases: All Is Lost.

You may have heard about the film when it debuted at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, or when it screened at the Telluride Film Festival last month. According to The New York Times, Robert Redford’s “name is already at the top of any list of presumptive best actor nominees.”

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