Poet’s Corner: Witching

Poet’s Corner: Witching


is the process of searching for and locatingmossy forest

the lost, holding a twig

that dips and twitches as it points

to its mysterious pleasure.

And I’ll admit, I’ve tried.

Picked up a forked stick,

moved slowly about the yard,

but all I found was the root of a tree

where the stick probably came from.

I suspected if I kept it up

I’d find my own grave

so I threw the stick into the bushes

and went about my life in the usual way,

misplacing things and finding them again

when I wasn’t paying attention.

Editor’s note: Author/poet/recently retired teacher-writing instructor David Feela is a regular contributor to Telluride Inside… and Out. The man is, as you will see, quirky and funny. His latest book, “How Delicate These Arches: Footnotes from the Four Corners,” a collection of essays, is available at Between the Covers Bookstore. 

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