University Centers Of The San Miguel Offers Farm To Table Class

These days any town worth its saltshaker has a kicking farm-to-table restaurant serving up local greens, meats, and cheeses in exciting combinations. But how often do we take a peek behind the scenes and see the farms that produce this bounty? And how often do we learn what the best chefs do with all of this local goodness?Kris Tomten

On September 9th and 10th, the University Centers of the San Miguel is offering a class that does just that. Their 2-day Farm to Table class incorporates farming, cooking, and a 4-course dinner. On Monday, participants will go to Kris Tomten’s farm on Hastings Mesa and learn all about high altitude growing. Then they’ll harvest the greens that will be integral to the meal they’ll prepare the following day.

On Tuesday, students will start the day off at a different farm: Indian Ridge in Norwood. There, they’ll tour the farm and learn about the meat that they’ll use in that evening’s meal. Indian Ridge raises organic chicken, turkeys, and pigs. Additionally, they barter with a local rancher for grass-fed beef.

Finally, students will gather in Mountain Village on Tuesday afternoon and working with Chef Bud, will prepare a 4-course Farm to Table meal. Some of the dishes served include kale pesto, alsatian chicken, buttermilk mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, and a peach charlotte with chantilly cream.

Jeanne Stewart, University Centers of the San Miguel’s executive director, is excited about this unique opportunity to connect farmers with the people they serve. “This class will give participants a real insight into how local farms run. And,” she adds, “people will learn how to make some great new dishes.”

Two-day course fee is $249/pp (limited to 24 people). Participants are encouraged to invite family and friends to Tuesday’s dinner. Dinner only is $49/pp (limited to 60 people). To register, visit University Centers of the San Miguel’s website or contact executive director Jeanne Stewart @ 970-369-5255 or

Learn more about University Centers of the San Miguel and the Farm to Table class here in a conversation with Jeanne Stewart.

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