Telluride Mushroom Fest: Mycoremediation Course Announced

Telluride Mushroom Fest: Mycoremediation Course Announced

Shroomfest BannerThe Telluride Mushroom Festival (TMF) is excited to present an opportunity to receive formal certification in mycoremediation from the most esteemed mycological festival in the world.

The 32nd annual Telluride Mushroom Festival and mycoremediation course takes place Thursday, August 15 – Sunday, August 18, 2013 in Telluride, Colorado – and in the surrounding San Juan Mountains. This year’s theme is’ “fungi as medicine” for the planet and its people.

Mycoremediation, a form of bioremediation, is the process of using fungi to return an environment contaminated by pollutants to a less contaminated state. Fungi produce powerful enzymes capable of breaking down complex, toxic molecules and pathogenic organisms. Mushroom spawn can create a network and act as a living “filter.”

On May 6, 2013 Telluride Mushroom Festival gained approval from the Telluride Open Space Commission (TOSC) to conduct a five-year study using mycoremediation on Telluride’s iconic Valley Floor. Festival director Scott Koch and Town of Telluride Program Director Lance McDonald have been working to identify local test sites not previously been scheduled for remediation. It is exciting for the town of Telluride to have the opportunity to utilize a non-traditional, natural, systems approach to remediate the negative impacts of mining on our landscape.

“Telluride Mushroom Festival is focused on bringing the most cutting-edge remediation practices to Telluride. Since Telluride is at the top of the Colorado River watershed, it is essential that we take seriously our responsibility to remedy the impacts of our mining history and to inform the community of our practices and outcomes. The TMF Remediation Course offers people the unique opportunity to be a part of a project that will undoubtedly transform our local landscape for the better,” said TMF Director Scott Koch.

Mushroom Fest offers presentations and workshops on all things mycological including medicine, identification, and cultivation/remediation. This year, those who formally focus on cultivation and remediation have an opportunity to receive formal certification in mycoremediation from the Telluride Mushroom Festival. Presentations and field workshops are scheduled to focus on healing environmental systems with mycoremediation and mycofiltration, managing projects from start to finish, and specific cultivation practices. There are attendance requirements for those wishing to complete the certification.

The world’s premier mycoremediation instructors are leading TMF’s mycoremediation course.

Tradd Cotter, owner of Mushroom Mountain in South Carolina, presents around the country with his research from projects implemented around the world. Cotter teaches mushroom cultivation and mycoremediation and is known for his ability to make learning easy for everyone. Ja Schindler, founder of Fungi for the People, works in communities across the nation to build resilient relationships between people and their land. He uses native fungi to degrade toxins and develop soils and shares his techniques with communities by teaching workshops and offering mushroom spawn. His projects have proven results.

Mycoremediation course certification registration is open now and is only available to Telluride Mushroom Festival passholders. The cost is $300 in addition to the the price of $160 for a full Mushroom Festival pass. Most mycoremediation courses cost over $1,000, but TMF is trying to bring this opportunity to the public at a reduced rate. Space is extremely limited so do not delay booking your spot. Tickets are available online at

For festival information, please go to or email with any questions.

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