Telluride Film Fest: Overview #4, Meyer On Herzog & More For 40th

Werner Herzog and Telluride Film Fest’s newest venue:

filmTelluride Film Festival co-director Gary Meyer, who became a director seven years ago after #33 remembers when he first came to the annual celebration of film and filmmakers.

“I sadly missed the first year of the Telluride Film Festival, but luckily started attending in 1975 for the second one. What a revelation! I was joining a group of people devoted to exploring all aspects of the moving image. There were three tributes. One of the great directors of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Henry King, there to tell stories that gave us insight to working in the studio system, but keeping one’s integrity. Superstar Jack Nicholson seemed everywhere and, as is the Telluride tradition, accessible to those of us who had serious questions about his craft. And there was an emerging director from Germany named Werner Herzog. Being a gathering of cineastes, many of us knew about his early works – ‘Aquirre, Wrath of God’ had been a modest art house success – but this young maverick, only six years older than me, was clearly a master filmmaker and someone we expected to hear from often. That year, he showed his stunning ‘The Mystery of Kaspar Hauser’ and entertained the audience with colorful stories of his off-beat filmmaking methods.”

Herzog has returned to town every year since, often with a new movie or one he was championing by someone else.

“Some years, he just comes to see films and meet with his peers, setting an example that many others have continued to follow. That is why you might initially be confused when you see a filmmaker in town who is not connected to a movie being shown. They just want to be here and take it all in.”

Turns out, the Festival directors have been thinking about building a new theater for several years. A tribute to Herzog became a no-brainer.

“When the idea became a reality for the 40th Anniversary we had a couple of thoughts for what to name the venue. One day Tom Luddy, founding co-director of the Festival and a long-time champion of Herzog suggested we name the new venue after the film director who has been to the festival more than any other and has often celebrated his September 5th birthday here in town. Werner was reluctant at first, but ultimately agreed and from that day on nothing could seem more natural.”

We expect people to refer to the new theatre as ‘The Herzog,’ but those proudly working on the finishing touches are calling it ‘The Zog,’ an even shorter nickname that will seem a mystery at first to those not ‘in the know.’”

After an opening night launch with a free showing of “Aquirre,” (click for trailer), the theater has an exciting lineup of new narrative and documentary movies to showcase a spectacular Meyer Sound system with both 35mm and digital projection, even capable of 3D.

“We look forward to greeting everyone at another unique Telluride experience,” concludes Meyer.

Story Night ( FREE at Brigadoon, Friday, August 30, 9 p.m. Passholders seated first):

Presenters include Buck Henry, Jason Reitman, Joyce Maynard, Chaz Ebert, Teller, a magician, Gregory Nava, Tamara Jenkins and Michael Fitzgerald, each telling a story that involved a struggle, high stakes – and a willingness to toss caution to the wind for the sake of their art. The theme of the event: “From the Sidelines to the Playing Field: An Evening of Stories and Risking Failure for Fealty.”

40th Birthday Raffle:

Stop by hospitality at Brigadoon (base of the Gondola, Gondola Plaza) to participate in the Festival Daily Drawing. Enter your name each day to win an exciting prize, including the Grand Prize of a two-night stay at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas.

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