Alacazem 2013.08.29

Alacazem 2013.08.29

August 29 to September 5, 2013  Visible Planets: Morning: Mars, Jupiter  Evening: Venus, Saturn 

 WEBvic13_Aug31moThe waning Moon is a time of inner light and illumination. As nights grow darker, stars become brighter. The vast canopy of deep space shimmers with mystery and possibility, inviting us to dream our dreams, explore our hearts and discover our souls.

cosmic moonI am always surprised by the feeling of peace that envelops me when I am standing outside, beneath the quiet magnificence of a sparkling night sky. Planets shine and stars twinkle. The Mother Earth breathes in harmony with the cosmic heart. My human body becomes a piece and particle, a wave in a larger quantum field – the universal field of creative energy and magnetic light. I know my soul and spirit exist as an interconnected energetic field of an infinite universal body. Soul to soul, body to body, I am one with the Universe. Amidst the sounds of silence, I hear the music of the spheres. The perspective is comforting, daunting and, yet somehow, supernaturally serene.

space3This week gives us all a chance to experience universal oneness via the night sky. The waning Moon grows smaller each evening – and nights grow darker – winding its way to the magical, fertile 24 hour “black moon” period prior to the September 5th Virgo new Moon @ 5:36 am MDT. Everyone on planet Earth is being presented with an opportunity to “tune in” to celestial magic and plant actual and metaphorical seeds of intention and desire – seeds planted in the fertile cosmic soil of unlimited potential and infinite possibility.

seven_spiritual_laws_of_successIn the year 1999, I decided to read and practice Deepak Chopra’s “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” on a daily basis, for the entire year. On October 22nd of that year – which happens to be Deepak’s birthday – I attended an invitation only press conference at the Franz Klammer lodge in Telluride with the man himself. The late degree Libra Sun on his day of birth exactly conjuncts my natal Mercury – planet of intellect, perception and communication – so, of course, he speaks my language. Needless to say, I was stunned by the wild synchronicity of this event. It validated the profound wisdom of his teachings and supported, by manifestation, that getting in sync with the cosmos actually worked. Intention and desire? Pure potentiality and infinite possibility? Yes.

For anyone interested in the metaphysics of human life here on Earth as it interacts and interfaces with universal, cosmic life, I strongly suggest picking up this “practical guide to the fulfillment of your dreams” book. It’s a guidebook for cultivating a daily spiritual practice, which is a totally virtuous Virgo thing to do. Happy travels and sweet dreams.

Aries (Mar. 20-Apr.19) The waning Moon presents you with a week of golden treasure regarding the rewarding work of self-examination and self-review. Shifting tides and changing seasons align you with the rich well of spirit, you can see and feel it in and all around you. Dive in and explore the process of self-awakening. Focus on self-honesty and divine guidance.

Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20) With the Sun and mental Mercury in Virgo – your solar 5th house of love and attraction – you may find yourself thinking about and examining past and present partners and relationships. This process serves good purpose: recognize the awesome power you have to create happiness in your and other’s lives by feeling and expressing gratitude. Lucky you!

Gemini (May 21-June 21) With ruling planet Mercury transiting your solar 4th house of home, family and childhood roots, it’s a perfect time to examine who you are today in light of how you started out. Cast off cloaks of doubt and darkness by embracing the illuminated tapestry of responsible choice and angelic guidance. Live fully in the present – really do it! – and honor the journey.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Velvet Venus in your solar 4th house of foundations – where you came from and who you are today – shines a loving light into your heart and soul. Self-forgiveness and self-love are themes. Being kind and gentle to yourself first provides you with the ability to love others. Personal motivation is running strong. Accept responsibility and enjoy freedom.

Leo (July 23-Aug.22) Mighty Mars – ruler of men, war, motion and action – moves into your sign this week and remains there until mid-October, heralding a prolonged period of intense self-motivation and desire. It’s time to get ‘er done! Physical energy runs fast and strong, watch out for big egos and angry flare-ups. They will prevent progress. Cultivate balance and work for inner peace.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep.22) Happy birthdays continue as candles are lit and cakes are cut. It’s time to celebrate another revolution around the Sun. Count your blessings and make gratitude lists. Communication and travel are themes. Enjoy your neighborhood and world as you share from your heart and smile from your soul. Cultivate self-love and self-care. It’s all you need to do.

Libra (Sep. 23-Oct. 22) With voluptuous Venus as a close companion, why not embrace her magical, magnificent beauty? As the natural world shifts in shades of gold and amber, why not dress like a goddess and live like a madonna? With your birthday month fast approaching, it’s time to cultivate inner and outer peace. Dance with angels, play with saints and hug Mother Nature.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) The sweet presence of Venus in your solar 12th house of dreams and dreamstates opens metaphysical cal doors of deep spiritual experience and physical transcendence. It’s as if you are floating through the ethers of the ages, flying through space on a magic carpet of creative light and loving kindness. Merge with the cosmos and follow the rainbows.

Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 20) Motivational Mars in your solar 9th house of higher self and higher consciousness has you doing the work of the saints on the high road to sainthood. This is a road of merit and good intention, but it is also one of twists, turns, ups and downs. Remember that you are human and hubris is a most grave infraction. Simply do your best, forget the rest.

Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) Sweet, love-planet Venus in your solar 10th house of social recognition and professional achievement delivers plenty of good vibes and financially shaded opportunities to your door. Meanwhile, you continue on the Plutonian path of personal transformation and metamorphosis. Stay in the now and cultivate balance. Focus on good intention and pure motive.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) The Virgo sun-time shines light upon your strongest commitments to and with others. Follow the rules of engagement and virtue when it comes to joint venture projects and financial or professional partnerships. Of course, trust is always an issue and you must be highly aware of what you say and do. If you can’t keep a secret, how can you expect it of others?

Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20) Partners, significant others, people and places that mean the most to you now step up for attention and review as the Virgo sun illuminates all aspects of relationship, commitment and sharing. Recognize your part in every play and give exactly what you would like to receive. Hypocrisy, gossip and negative mind get your nowhere fast. Show up and be the light.

Cynthia is a third generation astrologer living on a high mountain mesa 40 miles west of Telluride. Visit her website @












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