A Wedding in Crawford

A Wedding in Crawford

Mr. & Mrs. David Hoff

Mr. & Mrs. David Hoff

What’s love?

Could it be a cute little trick Mother Nature plays on us humans to guarantee the survival of our species?

Or is it the metaphysical equivalent of Krazy Glue? The tie that binds us together.

We vote for the latter. (Although the former is a pretty good idea too.)

Philosophers traditionally divide love into three variations on the theme: eros, or a passionate attraction to another; philia, the warm and fuzzies towards family and friends; and agape, love for whatever you call the Divine.

Love in all its forms, in all its glory, was operating full blast that beautiful Saturday (August 10) at the wedding we attended in Crawford.

The unapologetically beautiful setting was the Hoff ranch, yes, the very same Cottonwood Ranch & Kennel, aka, “camp for dogs,” where Ted Hoff, our very favorite dog whisperer, performs his sleight of hand with our pets (or just keeps them safe and sound). And the place never looked better.

Tent at sunsetUnder a light cloud cover that protected guests from the intense summer heat of the days before, West Elk Mountain sentinels stood guard over acres of verdant pasture land, punctuated by gleaming white tents in place for the dinner and after party (just in case the clouds let loose).

Seats for the wedding ceremony (“no bride side; no groom side, just two families uniting”) were placed just beyond the main grounds of the house, over a fence festooned with ribbons and flowers. Under an altar fashioned from wood and crowned with a large letter “H,” David Bennett Hoff and Hannah Mae Potter said their vows.

Confident their union was kismet, fate, the exuberant joy of the beautiful young couple was palpable.

For centuries, the church characterized marriage as a highly distasteful “lust containment facility.” But marriage, at least the very best unions, offers intimacy with autonomy; security with stimulation; reassurance and novelty; coziness and thrills. Still, does anyone really gets all that without compromise?

Perhaps David and Hannah. Their marriage appears to be an expression of unbridled optimism. Together we are sure they will weather any storm.

Thanks to the generosity of Ted and Vanessa Hoff, joined by crowd of family and friends who partied into the wee hours, the couple certainly got off on the right (cowboy-booted) foot.

A toast.

And for an insider’s look at the wonderful celebration of young love, watch Clint Viebrock’s video.

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