Telluride Arts: July Art Walk on Tuesday

Telluride Arts: July Art Walk on Tuesday

"Sunlit hillside," Marshall Noice

“Sunlit hillside,” Marshall Noice

Telluride Arts’ First Thursday Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community, and friends. Fifteen venues host receptions from 5 p.m.- 8 p.m. to showcase new exhibitions and artists. Only this Thursday is the Fourth of July, so the special holiday week edition of Art Walk takes place Tuesday, July 2.

To plan your line of march, a free Art Walk map offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Maps are also available at participating venues and at the office of Telluride Arts located in the Stronghouse Studios + Gallery at 283 South Fir Street.


Ah Haa School for the Arts
300 South Townsend Avenue

To Hell U Ride Art Auction

The Ah Haa School for the Arts will be exhibiting the 21st Annual Ah Haa Art Auction To-Hell-U-Ride: The Wild Years for the month of July!  Preview the auction items and start the bidding.  Absentee bidding available.  Mark your calendar to attend the auction on July 19.

220 East Colorado Avenue


****Tutto Qui, Oil on linen, Lisa Dawn Gold

****Tutto Qui, Oil on linen, Lisa Dawn Gold

Summer Translated

The group exhibition of contemporary painters will include New York painters Leah Durner and Kim Uchiyama with works by NY and Telluride’s Lisa Dawn Gold, as well as painters David Rothermel and Suzanne Simminger.  The gallery features contemporary artists that contribute to the ongoing history of the contemporary dialogue.

Telluride Arts’ Gallery 81435: Contemporary Telluride
230 South Fir Street

Sleeping with Nature: Exhibit by Rodney Porsche & Stephanie Morgan Rogers

Sleeping with Nature is a romantic dream, draped in luxurious coverings, at home in the rustic landscape with all its flora and fauna.  The concept grew from a collaboration between artist Stephanie Morgan Rogers and Fine Woodworker Rodney Porsche who considered the question; what if what’s typically reserved for interiors was able to be at home outside? What followed was the design for a bed built to last the elements outdoors softened with painted textile, embellishments and design. It is a place to dream and be with nature.

Lustre, an Artisan Gallery
171 South Pine Street

Jim Eppler

Baby bobcats. Jim Eppler

Baby bobcats. Jim Eppler

Wander through Lustre Gallery and get close to the animals and birds that make their homes in the mountains. A paradox? No, because featured artist Jim Eppler creates wildlife in limited edition bronzes. He joins Lustre Gallery Tuesday, July 2 through Thursday, July 4 to showcase his latest work. Respect and appreciation for nature has allowed his life-like creations to evolve freely and he has been praised for his gentle interpretations.

Lustre  also features the finehandcrafted jewelry of Aaron Henry Designs.

“Innovative jewelry and design techniques are combined with inspiration from natural colors and shapes to create finished pieces that are versatile, precious, sophisticated, and collectable,” said co-owner Christine Reich.

A recipient of many awards, Aaron Henry Furlong has been named “One of the Top 100 Designers of the Past 30 Years” by National Jeweler.  And for the artist, the creative process extends beyond the studio into every aspect of life:

R920PCD“Where we travel, whom we meet and how we interact with nature and culture; our experiences and desires all influence the direction that our designs take.”

In addition to Eppler, painter Marshall Noice visits Lustre this weekend. The artist’s reception is Friday, July 5. On Saturday, July 6, Noice will be painting in situ.

Noice never met a sky or a tree he did not like. For 36 years, the artist has been obsessed by landscapes. What we see in his work resembles the outside world the artist depicts much in the way a guitar case resembles a guitar: Noice is not painting a grove of trees for instance. He is depicting his emotional response to a grove of trees, which makes him an Expressionist for those who require an “ist” or an “ism” with an Impressionist technique and a Fauve sense of color.

“I capture a sense of place, but it’s my color. Color is a strange animal. I work to create tone and value in an expressive way that resonates with me.  At times, my color is almost outrageous – on the edge of being out of control.”

Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery
333 West Colorado Avenue

Bill Gallen Exhibit

Featured this month at Oh Be Joyful Gallery is artist Bill Gallen, a plein air painter from Santa Fe. He will be giving a painting demonstration in the gallery at 1pm before art walk, starting studio painting from a plein air study.  New works will be on display and the artist will be available to discuss his harmonious and beautiful landscape paintings.

Stronghouse Studios + Gallery
283 South Fir Street

Agglomerate, an art installation by Amy Boebel

In “Agglomerate,” artist Amy Jean Boebel has shaped, crushed, draped and hung sheets of aluminum wire screen to resemble a cloud-like structure that transforms the Stronghouse Gallery into an ethereal environment of shadow and light. The ceiling-suspended installation seems to float effortlessly above the white room and evokes a peaceful, almost meditative environment.

“I enjoy working with screen, it is very pliable and translucent, like a silk organza with structure and memory.By layering the manipulated material, I can create depth and dimension, changing the feel and experience of a space.”

Boebel studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Tulane University School of Architecture. She has shown her work in Los Angeles, Telluride, New Orleans and Baltimore and is the Board President of Telluride Arts. Some of her other work can be seen at

The exhibit runs through the month of July.

The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art
130 East Colorado Avenue

cuff404c21Barbara Heinrich, Julie McNair, Bernie Fuchs 

Award-winning studio jeweler, metalsmith, and gemologist Barbara Heinrich is featured in this solo exhibition of 150 pieces, classic and new, at Telluride Gallery. After twenty years of representation, her work is still a favorite among clients near and far.

-2012 Fashion Award from International Pearl Design competition
-2011 MJSA Vision Award, 1st Place in Gold
-2009 Couture Design Award, Best in Gold

Telluride local and ceramicist Julie McNair shows seven new doll-like pieces. (Artist will give an informal talk.)

"Midnight Calling"

“Midnight Calling”

Sketches and drawings from the 1960s by world-famous painter-illustrator Bernie Fuchs were hand-picked from his Connecticut studio by gallery director Baebel Hacke. Madmen martini party in Fuch’s honor takes place Sunday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Pencil skirts and skinny ties recommended. (See related post.)

The Wilkinson Public Library
100 West Pacific Avenue

Telluride Arts and the Wilkinson Public Library collaborate to showcase regional artists work on the walls of the library.  There are five main exhibit spaces in the library that host revolving exhibits that change monthly. Exhibits can be found in the following spaces this month: 1.) Geoffrey Alexander photographs bove the music area behind the desk on the main floor, 2.) Youth Art Projects in the youth room, 3.) Lawrence Giles, Paintings in the stairwell, 4.) Molly Redecki, Photographs on the exterior walls surrounding the stacks on the second floor and 5.) Joe Skalsky, Photographs in the Palmyra Room.

Learn more about the Telluride Creative District.


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