SAF Hosts 10th Telluride Plein Air

2012 Artist Choice/Best of Show Award, Bill Cramer's "Clarice's Ranch"

2012 Artist Choice/Best of Show Award, Bill Cramer’s “Clarice’s Ranch”

Old idea. New blood.

When they first came on the scene back in 1874, artists who ultimately became brand names – Monet, Manet, Renoir, Bonnard and Degas – were considered rebels. Defying the traditions of the official Salon de Paris, they moved their studios outdoors into the open air – en plein air – to facilitate direct observation of nature.

They originally called themselves “Societe Anonyme,” but a critic hatched what he believed to be a derisive handle based on the title of one of Monet’s paintings in a group show,”Impression: Sunrise.”

The Impressionists chose to use landscapes and scenes from everyday life as covers for their true subjects, color and light, defying a trend popular throughout the 19th century (and with the Salon de Paris) to paint historical or literary subjects.

Sexton's 'Peace Hogs"

Sexton’s ‘Peace Hogs”

This week, Friday, June 28 – Thursday, July 4, 29 nationally recognized American plein air artists pick up where the old guard left off,  painting in and around Telluride for the Sheridan Arts Foundation‘s 10th annual Telluride Plein Air event.

The fruits of their labors – images of flower-filled meadows, purple mountain majesties, colorful town scenes –  go on display Wednesday, July 3 and Thursday, July 4, at the Sheridan Arts Foundation’s exhibition and sale.

Plein Air artists were selected through a juried process, their work (along with a biography) vetted by a panel of artists, gallery owners and educators. The only exceptions were the top five sellers from the class of 2012  – Joshua Been, Douglas Morgan, Michele Byrne, Wayne McKenzie and Jim Wodark – who were automatically invited back.

The Sheridan Arts Foundation and Keith Wicks, executive director of California’s Sonoma Plein Air, created Telluride Plein Air 10 years ago to benefit community programming and restoration at Telluride’s historic Sheridan Opera House.

Morgan's 'Where is the parade masterpiece?"

Morgan’s ‘Where is the parade masterpiece?”

The Sheridan Opera House celebrates its 100th birthday the same week of its 10th annual Telluride Plein Air. All artwork profits will be split: 40 percent benefits the Sheridan Arts Foundation’s community programming; 60 percent is retained by the artists.

The list of 2013 Telluride Plein Air artists includes:

Kirsten Anderson, CA
Kathy Anderson, CT
Greg Barnes, NC
Joshua Been, CO
Michele Byrne, PA
Hiu Lai Chong, MD
Bill Cramer, AZ
Stuart Fullerton, IL
Kelly Kotary, CO
Sergio Lopez, CA
Tom Lynch, IL
Susan Lynn, MO
Nancy MacDonald, CA
Will Maller, CA
Wayne McKenzie, CO
Douglas Morgan, CA
Erich Neubert, CA
Niles Nordquist, ID
Rita Pacheco, CA
Davis Perkins, CA
Jason Sacran, AR
Richard Sneary, MO
Robert Steele, CA
Susiehyer, CO
Carol Swinney, WY
John White, CA
Jim Wodark, CA

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