Dive Into Lake Street Dive at Telluride Bluegrass

Dive Into Lake Street Dive at Telluride Bluegrass

Jump into the music of the Brooklyn-based band, Lake Street Dive, and you might be unsure where you’ve landed. The music is pop with jazz roots. Soul with funk and folk thrown in. In short, Lake Street Dive is an amalgam of sounds that gets your heart singing and your toes tapping. According to Brian Eyster of Planet Bluegrass, the group could well be “the surprise hit” of Telluride Bluegrass, with performances at FirstGrass on Wednesday, followed by a Friday morning set on the Main Stage and a Sunday evening set at NightGrass.Lake Street Dive.  (Photograph by Deidre Schoo)

PopMatters gave their breakout album, named after the band and released in 2010, a 9 out of 10 stars, describing it as a “staggering, monumental disc”, while Blurt described Lake Street’s sound as a mix of “fine-tuned dynamics, gorgeous harmonies, and the escalating intensity of classic soul.” Yet, it is the band’s latest album, “Fun Machine”, a mix of cover songs and originals, that has truly launched the group into the fame they deserve. After their version of “I Want You Back” went viral on YouTube, receiving over a half a million hits, interest in the band exploded. Eyster adds: “A brilliant jazz-trained singer, a fantastic batch of pop songs, and a fun lively energy.”

Lake Street Dive first met at the Boston’s New England Conservatory, where they all were studying jazz. But after playing together for a while, the band members found they all shared a love for the Beatles and for more contemporary pop and folk and started incorporating that music into their sound as well. The result is the music you hear out of Lake Street today: pop and folk music infused with jazz.

According to lead singer, Rachael Price, the secret to their success is a mix of things. The YouTube video certainly helped and their packed touring schedule has also helped to give the band exposure. “But, touring has its own challenges,” she admits, “sitting in the car for eight hours at a stretch can be tiring.” Price goes on to explain how she has to prioritize her health whenever she gets a break. “Visits to the ENT, acupuncture, anything I can do to keep my voice in good shape. It’s all worth it though,” she says, “for that hour on stage. It’s an irreplaceable feeling, not just to perform in front of a crowd but to do it with three other people I respect so much musically.”

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Check out the video that launched the group into success.

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