ALACAZEM 2013.06.20

ALACAZEM 2013.06.20

June 20 to 27, 2013   Visible planets: Morning: none          Evening: Mercury, Venus, Saturn

earth&rising sunSummer solstice takes place on June 20th at 11:07 pm MDT this year, just two days before the Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon oppose each other [June 23rd @5:32 am MDT] in the fruition aspect of the June full Moon. Velvet Venus shimmers above the western horizon in twilight and on into darkness as our preeminent evening star.  Nearby Mercury looks faint and faded amongst Venus and the bright stars [Castor and Pollux] of Gemini. Serious Saturn, high in the sky each night, keeps a watchful eye on all below, making sure all is in order.

venus kisses the moonAs I write these words, I am feeling the electromagnetic pull of life upon my soul and psyche. I understand that my journey here is temporary, and short, in relation to the eons of time it took to get here. Astrological ages weave intricate webs of thematic theories, stories and possibilities for mankind, tracing the history and evolution of organic life, human culture and consciousness. The night sky, in its ever-present mystery and magnificence, remains a revolving constant in an ever-changing, imploding and exploding world. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of our lives here on Earth, the fixed-star constellations seem timeless and eternal, touchstones of reference and stability. And, yet, this too, is an illusion, a comforting metaphysical apparition relative only to one’s point in space and time.

space3spacepinkOne thing, however, I know for certain. I love the stars and the wide expanses of the starry night sky. I can breathe in the beauty of Venus in twilight, hovering above Utah’s La Sal Moutnains, in a fading turquoise, Maxfield Parrish sky. I can open my heart to the heart-star of the Scorpion, red-orange Antares, on a moonless, blue-black night and follow the constellation’s familiar curve to the twinkling “cat’s eyes” of the stinger’s tail. Just like an animal cloaked in darkness, two starry points of light shine back at me in recognition, alive, breathing and ready to run. I am thankful and grateful to live in a place without light pollution and, from eastern to western horizon, I have the luxury of watching the Sun and Moon rise and set each morning and night.

And this brings me to where I need to be and what I want to write about. The wide-open spaces of the cowboy. Life in the saddle and home on the range. The western life that has been romanticized and fabled, fantasized and fantasticized. It is the life I see slipping away, disappearing like the Sun below that magnificent western horizon I know, love and breathe. Like the life of one of the most authentic, western cowboys I have ever known and loved.

marios bootsOn June 5, 2013, Mario Bart Zadra saddled up his Cayuse for the last and final time and took off, passing from his cowboy life here on Earth to the one over yonder. He was 97 years old. A man of great humility, kindness and compassion, Mario lived and breathed the western life like no other. He understood the value of hard work, patience and perseverance. He was gentle with his cattle, dogs and horses; a loyal, trusted friend and a smart, honest business man. He rose to success on his own, day by day, step by step. He was a man of authenticity and integrity, a man of great wisdom, compassion and good humor. Born on May 12, 1916, Mario was a quintessential Taurus, he loved the land and the Mother Earth. He learned how to earn a living with his head and hands, provide for his family, feed his livestock and set store for long, cold winters. He was not only resourceful, but he also knew how to manage his resources. He knew how to save rather than spend, was stable and reliable, responsible. And he was one of the only men I ever met that loved and breathed the starry night sky as much as I do.

lasal sunset(1)Last week a memorial service was held in Montrose. Placed on the church altar were his saddle, blanket, boots and spurs. A pretty white straw cowboy hat sat on top his coffin. After the service, we were gifted with a slide show of photographs on a big screen; snapshots of Mario’s life and loves played out before us, all set to the music of some of the most touching, classic western songs ever written. Don’t Fence Me In, Home on the Range, Red River Valley, Twilight On the Trail, Happy Trails and, last but not least, I’ll Fly Away. It was oh so sweet.

Mario’s full and rich life, filled with adventure, challenge and change stands as an example for all. May he rest and ride in peace.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll go out and gaze at this week’s super-Moon ‘til I lose my senses, learn the words to Don’t Fence Me In and share the night sky with all those who love and breathe it like I do – here, there, wherever they are – I believe that like the stars, the heart does go on…and on. Happy Trails…

Aries (Mar. 20-Apr. 19) So much takes place this week astrologically, and for Aries, it is huge. Jupiter’s entrance into cardinal Cancer, along with Summer Solstice and a Full Moon load the bases with plenty of emotion, potential and fireworks. The main focus is self-care and self-nurturing, however. Be sure to follow a path of virtue. Simply do the next right thing.

Taurus (Apr. 19-May 20) Summer Solstice initiates the season of heat and hot, fun and fanfare. This year, it is packed with an abundance of emotion and feeling, instinct and intuition. Male and female, yin and yang, masculine and feminine energies must be acknowledged and balanced. Tap into your internal opposite sex meter and travel the inner road of self-awakened self-knowledge. Dance with your anima or animus. Enjoy the music.

Gemini (May 20-June 20) Jovial Jupiter jumps from Gemini to Cancer this week, bidding farewell to the Twins. It has been a year-long journey of renewed hope, fresh opportunity and overall expansion. Now that your mind and heart have opened, make sure you keep your eyes, ears and hands open as well. A 12-year cycle has ended and  you are ready to go in new and different directions. Follow your inspirations, work to manifest your dreams.

Cancer (June 20-July 22) Your happy birthday month begins on Summer Solstice, congratulations on another revolution around the Sun! Celebrations are in order and it is time to count candles as well as blessings. Mars in your solar 12th house continues to work in mysterious ways, however. You may feel as if things aren’t going your way or that others seem oddly out to get you. The good news is that you are on the brink of an amazing new year. Keep the faith.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 22) Summer begins rather quietly and internally this year for the naturally vivacious Lion. Check in with your heart, feel your feelings and take it easy when it comes to over-loaded social scenes and schedules. You may find the greatest pleasures this season with less boisterous and dramatic people and places. Romantic dinners, private settings and calm, peaceful environments fuel inner fires. Enjoy the joy.

Virgo (Aug. 22-Sep. 22) A full Moon fast following Summer Solstice translates as one of the most fortuitous times to see and experience progress in the manifestation of your most cherished hopes and dreams. Friends and allies abound and are ready and willing to help and assist you in whatever capacity you need or want. Gather personal resources, identify creative talents and pursue  your goals. One step and day at a time.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 22) The cardinal points of the natural year mark major beginnings and herald important turning points of the year. For Libras, summer is the season to clarify and identify goals, then work toward their manifestation. Daily practice means daily progress, self-discipline and focus turn into great achievement and reward. Because balance is always essential to the Libran spirit, be sure to relax when you can. Then get back on it. Get ‘er done!

Scorpio (Oct. 22-Nov. 21) This week’s Cancer full Moon follows quickly upon the heels of Summer Solstice. And, hallelujah, you are moving and grooving toward one of your most exciting, ecstatic summers yet. A grand water trine involving Saturn in Scorpio supports and encourages your dreams. Cultivate creative talents via hard work and persevering spirit. Treat yourself kindly, relax when you need to and move forward when you can.

Sagittarius (Nov. 21-Dec. 20) The Cancer/Capricorn full Moon brings a variety of projects and issues to a head as Mars in your solar 7th house of important others continues shining light upon those closest and dearest. Examine and accept responsibility for your part in all your relationships. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with something or someone, identify what you can do to change the dynamic. Otherwise, it is simply a waste of time.

Capricorn (Dec. 20-Jan. 19) A big summer full Moon in your sign illuminates all issues of relationship and highlights the personal roles and responsibilities you have in each of them. Where can you make amends, change the way you react to others or simply let go of expectations. Often our dreams and desires for others are far from what they want and need. Focus on making your life and yourself better, the rest will take care of itself.

Aquarius (Jan. 19-Feb. 18) Watery, emotional Cancer energy often requires a shift of perspective and change of heart for the Waterbearer to appreciate the awesome power and potential of summer’s first month. Hubris and high horses do little to further your causes. On the other hand, humility and compassion work miracles. Soften your approach and open to the mystery and magic of life. Possibilities abound, relax and let if flow. Live and let go.

Pisces (Feb. 18-Mar. 20) A numinous, naturally flowing river of love and life sparkles and shimmers as summer solstice opens the season of heat and hot. Gardens need water, people do too. Discover the mystical magic of warm starry nights, indulge yourself in romantic dreams and creative fantasies. You are an artist of heart and soul and it is a fabulous time to express yourself. Dance with the muses and play with the fairies. You are blessed.



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