Plein Air 2012 Artist Choice, Bill Cramer, "Clarice's Ranch"


Plein Air 2012 Artist Choice, Bill Cramer, "Clarice's Ranch"

Plein Air 2012 Artist Choice, Bill Cramer, “Clarice’s Ranch”

Each year, the Sheridan Arts Foundation (SAF) hosts nationally recognized plein air artists. This year, the group gathers in Telluride Friday, June 28 – Thursday, July 4 for the 10th annual Telluride Plein Air event.

Artists spend a week painting outside capturing the light, color, and unique character of our breathtaking region and the Town of Telluride itself. A two-day art exhibition and sale will be held Wednesday and Thursday, July 3 and 4, when the completed works of flower-filled meadows, majestic mountains, and colorful downtown scenery are on display. Artists typically paint eight to 20 pieces, which means there are almost 300 works to view and purchase over the course of the sale. (Each artist is, however, limited to displaying a maximum of eight pieces at any one time.)

Artists attending Telluride Plein Air were selected through a juried process: artists submitted images and a biography which were reviewed by a panel of artists, gallery owners, and educators. The top five sellers from the 2012 event were also invited back to participate in the 2013 Telluride Plein Air. The top sellers from last year, in no particular order were: Joshua Been, Douglas Morgan, Michele Byrne, Wayne McKenzie, and Jim Wodark.

The Sheridan Arts Foundation and Keith Wicks, executive director of California’s Sonoma Plein Air, created Telluride Plein Air 10 years ago to benefit community programming and restoration at the historic Sheridan Opera House in Telluride.

The Sheridan Opera House celebrates its 100th birthday the same week of the 10th annual Telluride Plein Air. All artwork profits will be split: 40 percent benefits the Sheridan Arts Foundation’s community program: 60 percent is retained by the artists.

2013 Participating Artists are:

Kirsten Anderson, CA
Kathy Anderson, CT
Greg Barnes, NC
Joshua Been, CO
Michele Byrne, PA
Hiu Lai Chong, MD
Bill Cramer, AZ
Stuart Fullerton, IL
Kelly Kotary, CO
Sergio Lopez, CA
Tom Lynch, IL
Susan Lynn, MO
Nancy MacDonald, CA
Will Maller, CA
Wayne McKenzie, CO
Douglas Morgan, CA
Erich Neubert, CA
Niles Nordquist, ID
Rita Pacheco, CA
Davis Perkins, CA
Jason Sacran, AR
Richard Sneary, MO
Robert Steele, CA
Susiehyer, CO
Carol Swinney, WY
John White, CA
Stewart White, MD
Keith Wicks, CA
Jim Wodark, CA


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