4 dogs, CottonwoodOff season, when we leave Telluride on vacation, Gina the Dog does too. For the past 12 years (nearly her entire life), she has headed to the Cottonwood Ranch & Kennel in Crawford, where she became the loving pet she is today (albeit, still quirky) thanks to Ted Hoff’s gift as a trainer and his tender, loving care. (Within 20 minutes of the Ranch, Gina starts howling for joy. Makes us feel like chopped liver, but never mind.)

What’s more, Ted sponsors the weekly column on Telluride Inside…and Out for Second Chance Humane Society and helps out the no-kill shelter by training (pro bono) challenged dogs for Kelly Goodin and her team.

Supporting Ted Hoff is a no-brainer.

Now is the time to sign up for your 2013 VID (Very Important Dog) membership at Cottonwood Ranch & Kennel. Ted established the club to thank his valued training and boarding customers by offering them an opportunity to save money and enjoy enhanced services.

Registering is one click away and worth every penny of the effort.

More about Ted Hoff and the Ranch:

Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel, Sunrise

Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel, Sunrise

Ted has loved training dogs since a boy of 10 years, when he trained his first black lab, Pearl Bailey. His passion for training dogs and the outdoors led him to Crawford, Colorado with his family in 1990. For the past 20 years, he has enjoyed the ranching life with his favorite four-legged friends, training thousands of dogs of every breed. Cottonwood Ranch & Kennel has trained and hosted dogs from across the Continental United States, Alaska, Canada, South Africa, Venezuela, and New Zealand.

The dog kennels are built on a large ranch that has been maintained as a wildlife park with expansive yards and several ponds designed to encourage purposeful play and dog training of all the dogs that visit Cottonwood Kennels. The kennels operate year round to accommodate your families boarding and training needs. Ted’s “obvious love for dogs, talents for training, and care for the dogs’ well-being is evident in the environment he provides”.

Ted welcomes new customers, young and old dogs, and any breed.

“I don’t kennel my dogs very often but when I do, I examine potential kennels very closely. After using and being dissatisfied with various kennels in western Colorado, I found Cottonwood Kennel. I truly feel that my dogs are not just safe there, but are extremely well cared for by Ted Hoff and his staff. The dogs get exercised and return to me happy instead of stressed. After rescuing one Brittany at the age of 1 1/2, I had to kennel him and Ted worked with him on leash walking during the entire week (something that eluded my dog prior to that training). He really got my dog to focus and remain calm on a leash. When I ended up fostering another Brittany who was 1 year old and coming out of a situation of mistreatment, Ted spent the 10 days socializing and training him as well as working on his separation anxiety. After 10 days, I picked up a dog who went from unadoptable to a dog that would make any family happy…..and did just 2 weeks later. I trust Cottonwood and would never hesitate to leave any of my beloved dogs there,” Janet Hurd

Click here for more testimonials – including ours.

And check out this video for a preview of Cottonwood Ranch & Kennel.

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