imagesAh spring break!

We sometimes forget as we disperse ourselves from the Telluride region the rest of the world goes about living a more normal existence, sticking close to home.

Heading out – in the snow – this week, I am part of the Gunnison Valley Farm to Table Conference in Gunnison at Western State University. I am on a Food Network Panel along with folks from Mountain Roots, Local Farms First (an online local food buying system), and others from Aspen and Denver, as well as the Gunnison city manager.

The event started Monday evening with a showing of “Ingredients,”a beautifully shot film that covers a lot of turf. I appreciated the fact that the documentary does not spend a lot of time harping on the negatives, which are absolutely important to understand, but can certainly make a person lose his appetite. Instead the focus is on the things that are working, while delighting us with gorgeous footage of fruits and vegetables. The sensual treat could only be improved if it were followed by a fantastic feast.

EcoAction Partners will be figuring out how to bring the movie to Telluride, hopefully in conjunction with the opening of our Telluride High School Growing Dome on Wednesday, May 22. (Look for details soon.)

And more on the Gunnison conference soon. I am looking forward to hearing from the panels of growers and  industry representatives towards expanding our ever-growing local food network.

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