Casper 'On the Wire' at Girassol Circus in Brazil. Original photography by Nori Lupfer.

Casper ‘On the Wire’ at Girassol Circus in Brazil. Original photography by Nori Lupfer.

Take this class just to meet the teacher, whose resume is a happy jumble of improbable, but compelling threads.

For starters, Nori Lupfer earned a BA from Union College in Printmaking & Photography, while spending summers and winters as a performer in Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus. Those two threads came together when the artist received a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to photograph circuses in Brazil, Russia, and Europe. Later she conducted extensive aerial photography for Garmin GPS Navigation in Europe, the United States and the Bahamas. Nori’s  work has been exhibited across the United States in New York, Florida, New England, and Colorado, as well as Barcelona, Spain.

And when she is not creating, the diversely talented Nori can be found on the mountain as the Junior Mogul Coordinator and Head Coach.

The three-day Ah Haa course Nori is leading, “Transform a Memory to Art: Solar Plate Etching,”, Tuesday, March 26 –  Thursday, March 28, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., is all about turning your digital photographs into fine art, archival prints using printmaking techniques.

The workshop combines photography and printmaking with a fun, non-toxic etching process. Students will spend a day taking photographs around Telluride, then learn how to transfer the digital images onto a photosensitive metal plate using sunshine alone.

"On the Wire" Solar Plate Etching from Nori's photograph.

“On the Wire” Solar Plate Etching from Nori’s photograph.

Nori’s curriculum unpacks as follows:

Day 1- Shooting around town, basic photoshop instruction, slideshow of solar plate etchings.

Day 2- Critique photos, photoshop and print images (either from day before, or own photos), make solar plates, print etchings.

Day 3- Make solar plates, print etchings.

To learn more, click the “play” button and listen to what Nori has to say.

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