Sherab draped in a Sherab original quilt

Sherab draped in a Sherab original quilt

Telluride’s Ah Haa School for the Arts includes courses in time-honored crafts such as quilting. Up soon, case in point, “Crazy Quilting with Sherab Kloppenburg.” Classes take place Saturday, March 16, and Sunday, March 17.

American quilting has been a constantly evolving amalgam of color and texture, pattern and symbolism since the days of mass immigration from across the pond. Eventually the combinations of styles brought by women from their different homelands blended and became known as the American Melting Pot quilts, and later, patchwork or crazy quilts.

Sherab, an architect by training and a designer of everything from landscapes to objects we use everyday, has collected scraps of fabric ever since childhood growing up in Europe. Her training as an architect informs her creative process, even in quilt-making, so there are some straight lines in her handiwork.

In Sherab’s class, you will learn how to turn all types of fabric into art. No limits on scraps, wool, silk, used clothing, sentimental prints. Anything goes! Over what promises to be a memorable weekend, students will explore color, composition, material use, cutting and assembly techniques, and basics of sewing machines use. You can choose from a list of projects, or make up your own with suggestions and support from the instructor.

It would be best if you could bring your own sewing machine, but the Ah Haa School does have a few on hand. If you require a sewing machine, please let them know at the time of registration. Each student is required to bring her own fabric.

Sherab recently finished a series of four quilts around the theme “Circles and Squares,” while reflecting on life themes of male and female by using the Buddhist symbols of circles and squares. Her next series in “Horizons.” Those quilts will feature smaller vignettes with a emphasis on contrast of materials and color.

“As the name suggest horizontal lines dominate and again the theme reflects life’s activities, as I look to my future as well as the future of my nearly one-year-old, Otto baby, the horizon is the place we look. Professionally I continue to design, mostly landscape, interior architecture, and space planning.”

Sherab promises her Ah Ha class is going to be all about enjoying the creative process.

“For new quilters and experienced sew-ers the focus will be on creating your own design, enjoying the incredible versatility of fabrics, setting a project goal and learning the skills you need to make that goal happen.”

For a preview of Sherab’s process and some of her work, watch Clint Viebrock’s video. Guaranteed it will inspire you to sign up and get quilting.

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